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Greg Hardy brutal assault photos

Greg Hardy spent almost an entire NFL season on the sidelines and after the brutal and disturbing photos of his alleged assault hit the internet, compliments of Deadspin.com and writer Diana Moskovitz, it appears that time off the field wasn’t near long enough.

In fact, many people feel Hardy should be behind bars and banned from the NFL forever.

Nicole Holder is the women who called police the night Hardy allegedly attacked her. Hardy was a star defensive end with the NFL’s Carolina Panthers at the time of the incident.

Holder said the 6-ft, 4, 278 pound beast threw her against a tile bathtub wall, tossed her on a futon covered in assault rifles, and choked her. She said she finally gave in and told him to “kill me so I don’t have to.”

When Holder fled and was tracked down by the police, she told officer Jeffrey Kendrick, “It doesn’t matter. Nothing is going to happen to him anyways.”

Sadly, that is normally the case with these star athletes.

As Moskovitz wrote, “A year and a half after Hardy was arrested and charged with attacking Holder, it’s clear that she was mostly right. Last year, Hardy was convicted of assault in a bench trial, but the charges were dismissed on appeal and, it was reported yesterday, expunged.”


These other facts have painted a clearer picture of what may have happened. On July 15, 2014, Hardy was found guilty of assaulting Holder, and sentenced to 18 months probation. But when he appealed, Holder could not be found and is said to have agreed to a civil settlement for an undisclosed amount. Meaning there is a strong possibility that Holder disappeared for the right sum of money.

Regardless, NFL fans and the world have been shown Hardy’s true colors. And speaking of colors, there wasn’t a single NFL tem willing to allow Hardy to don theirs. . . . except for one.

Step in Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who not only signed the woman-beater, but has since absurdity called Hardy a “team leader” and a guy teammates look up to.

Thank you, Jerry, for giving fans a clearer picture why these Cowboys are no longer “America’s Team”.

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