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Charles Oakley sues Vegas casino for “beat-down”

Looks like “What happens in Vegas…..” doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

At least that’s the case with a 6-ft-9, 245 pound former NBA “enforcer” who accused a Las Vegas casino security team of kicking his ass and handcuffing him after a verbal confrontation.

The alleged victim is NBA tough guy Charles Oakley who is suing an MGM casino.

The incident is said to have occurred back in May 2010 and after referring to the altercation as “gang-style beat down” Oakley filed a lawsuit against the Aria hotel-casino at MGM Resorts International’s CityCenter complex.

Oakley left the casino’s VIP pool area during a private party and when security officers prevented him from re-entering,  a verbal altercation heated up and led to the physical melee.

The filed complaint accuses the officers of wrestling Oakley down then punching and handcuffing him. Oakley was later taken to the hospital complaining of injuries to his neck, back, head and wrist.

The court-filed documents are said to include assault with excessive force, false imprisonment and defamation.

Oakley is currently an assistant coach with the Charlotte Bobcats (Michael Jordan’s team) and spent his NBA player days with the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Toronto, Washington and Houston.

Oakley was arrested in Georgia back in 2007 and although he blew below the legal limit, that arrest led to this mugshot and a booking.

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