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2010 Winter Olympics Final Medal Count

VANCOUVER, B.C. – With the final medal count in for the 2010 Winter Games, the U.S. sits at the top with 37 total. Olympic RingsThat is a record for the U.S. who has been more known for their dominance in Summer Games.

After never winning a gold on their home turf, host country Canada won the most gold medals in Vancouver tallying a total of 14. Their final gold was won Sunday afternoon on the ice in a 3-2 OT thriller when Sidney Crosby scored in overtime on U.S, goaltender Ryan Miller.

Here are the full results. See NBCOlympics.com for more detailed breakdowns.







  United States See Names 9 15 13 37
  Germany See Names 10 13 7 30
  Canada See Names 14 7 5 26
  Norway See Names 9 8 6 23
  Austria See Names 4 6 6 16
  Russia See Names 3 5 7 15
  South Korea See Names 6 6 2 14
  Sweden See Names 5 2 4 11
  China See Names 5 2 4 11
  France See Names 2 3 6 11
  Switzerland See Names 6 0 3 9
  Netherlands See Names 4 1 3 8
  Czech Republic See Names 2 0 4 6
  Poland See Names 1 3 2 6
  Italy See Names 1 1 3 5
  Japan See Names 0 3 2 5
  Finland See Names 0 1 4 5
  Australia See Names 2 1 0 3
  Slovakia See Names 1 1 1 3
  Belarus See Names 1 1 1 3
  Slovenia See Names 0 2 1 3
  Croatia See Names 0 2 1 3
  Latvia See Names 0 2 0 2
  Great Britain See Names 1 0 0 1
  Kazakhstan See Names 0 1 0 1
  Estonia See Names 0 1 0 1
Total   86 87 85 258

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Apolo Ohno’s Olympic Medals 2002-2010

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Yesterday in Vancouver, U.S. Olympic Speedskater Apolo Ohno won his record-setting seventh Winter Olympic medal.Apolo Ohno 7 Olympic Medals

Ohno’s bronze in the 1,000 meter surpassed U.S. speedskater Bonnie Blair who had held the record of six (6).

Below is a rundown of Ohno’s Olympic resume.

  Event Medal
2002 1,500 Gold
2002 1,000 Silver
2006 500 Gold
2006 1,000 Bronze
2006 5,000 relay Bronze
2010 1,500 Silver
2010 1,000 Bronze

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Apolo Ohno Snags Record 7th Olympic Medal

VANCOUVER, B.C. – U.S. speedskater Apolo Ohno won his record 7th Olympic medal yesterday but it didn’t Ohno Silver Medalcome easy. After a slip caused him to fall to last place with only three laps remaining in the short-track 1,000-meter final Saturday, Ohno knew he had to make the move of a lifetime.

“When I moved up into second place, in my head I thought that the race was mine and I felt great,” said Ohno. “Then I slipped and lost all my speed again. I saw everybody flying by me and I’m like, ‘Oh boy, there’s not a lot of time. I’m going to have to kind of crank it up.'”

Well behind the South Koreans and two Canadian brothers and knowing the gold and silver were clearly out of reach, Ohno made one final push and squeezed past Charles and Francois Hamelin to win the bronze.

That bronze made Ohno the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian. “I really had to fight,” said Ohno. “I can’t wait to watch the tape and see how I came back from last place to win bronze.”

Prior to the race, Ohno was tied with female speedskater Bonnie Blair. Ohno’s collection now contains two gold, two silver and three bronze medals in his three Olympic appearances.

“I’m very happy for Apolo’s accomplishment,” Blair said after watching the race. “It’s a great feat for him, US Speedskating, and the United States of America. We hope that more kids will see his accomplishments and want to try our great sport that has been so good to us and taught us so much about what it takes to be successful in life.” Apolo Ohno

Olympics swimmer Michael Phelps also watched the race. Over two Summer Games, Phelps won a total of 14 gold medals.

Ohno skated a victory lap carrying an American flag and congratulated his South Korean rivals. During the medal ceremony Ohno put his arm around the South Koreans for photos, a sign that the animosity between the opponents may be a thing of the past.

“My goal was to come out and put my heart and soul into the Olympic Games and I’ve done that.”

Ohno has the 500 and the 5,000 relay remaining.

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America Latching onto Sexy Lindsey Vonn and Apolo Ohno

WHISTLER, B.C. – America has a tendency to latch onto sexy athletes and this Winter Olympic Games offers both genders an opportunity to follow their favorite competitors. After her recent Sports Illustrated bikini photo shoot, female skier Lindsey Vonn joined those ranks along with American speedskater Apolo Ohno.

Lindsey Vonn

After a few great test runs in the downhill on Monday, America’s favorite Lindsey Vonn has said she plans on competing in all five Alpine events.Sports Illustrated Vonn

Skiing through intense pain, Vonn managed to turn in the fastest time in the upper section during the downhill training. Prepping for the course, she took painkillers and numbed the area before popping on her skis but still felt the effects of the jarring course.

“The course here is just so bumpy,” said Vonn. “It’s one thing when you inspect it and you’re like, ‘OK, this is going to be a little rattley.’ But it was jarring. It was a fight just to make it down the whole way.”

Vonn, who’s photo graced the controversial cover of Sports Illustrated recently, is the two-time defending World Cup overall champion.

The sexy blonde has since grown to become one of America’s sexiest female athletes and just as her popularity was skyrocketing through the roof, she bruised her right shin during a pre-Olympic practice in Austria on Feb. 2.

Vonn got a little help from Mother Nature when the women’s downhill training run was postponed and had to be rescheduled three times due to adverse weather conditions. Those delays were due to fog, snow and rain and while they offered extra time for Vonn to heal, they also battered the course.

After staying off the slopes for several days she finally tested her injury and as expected there’s a decent amount of pain. The biggest contributor to her pain appears to be the giant jump at the bottom of the run.

“That really hurt,” Vonn said. “It’s throbbing really bad. I just have to be able to grit my teeth and fight through it on Wednesday and hopefully I can still come out on top.”

For the record, Vonn is married to husband Thomas Vonn, who is the skier’s coach and advisor. Thomas commented on his wife’s ability to compete during these Winter Games. “I don’t see any reason why she’d pull out of any of them,” said Thomas. “She knows she’s going to be ready but she expected it to hurt less today than it did. That’s kind of where it’s at on that front.”

Apolo Ohno

Competing in his third Winter Olympics, Ohno tied speedskating great Bonnie Blair for most medals won by a U.S. Winter Olympian when he glided to Silver in the 1,500meter to ice medal No. 6 on Saturday.Apolo Ohno

The young American who has made the ‘soul patch’ sexy intends on adding more was in the bag.

Many are considering Ohno’s medal as a gift since the Korean team was storming to the finish looking certain to sweep the podium with Gold, Silver and Bronze until two of them wiped out on the final turn, allowing Ohn to glide to the Silver Medal.

Regardless of that one race, this dude stands out from his competitors many times staying at the back of the pack before deciding to make a late move and fly past everyone like they are standing still.

“Pretty intense,” Ohno said. “This is what this sport is all about.”

After winning that silver, Ohno now has two medals of each color and squeaked past Eric Heiden as the most decorated American male at the Winter Games.

Heiden is currently the team doctor for U.S. Speedskating and praised Ohno.

“The thing that really sets him apart is he’s been doing this for a number of years,” said Heiden. “We’ve learned to appreciate what dedication and hard work he’s had to put in. He’s a product of both those things.”

Ohno has three more opportunities in Vancouver to pass Blair in total medals when he competes in two individual races and the team relay.

“I’ve come prepared, more than I’ve ever prepared for anything in my life,” said Ohno. “I’m in a very, very good place. It feels like home soil to me. We just have so much support in the crowd.”

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