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Oregon Ducks Suspend Blount for Entire Season

EUGENE, OREGON – Oregon Ducks first-year Coach Chip Kelly announced that running back LeGarrette Blount is suspended for the entire blountseason after losing control and sucker punching Byron Hout, a defensive lineman for Boise State.The incident occurred just seconds after #14 Boise State Broncos defeated #19 Oregon 19-8 on Boise’s famous blue turf.

As the post-game celebration began kicking into high gear, Hout screamed in Blount’s face and pushed him on the shoulders as he passed by.

Blount retaliated by throwing a haymaker that connected right on the jaw of Hout, dropping the huge defensive lineman to his knees.

Blount apologized after the incident, “It was just something that I shouldn’t have done. I lost my head.”

Kelly felt the need to handle the situation with an iron fist and suspended Blount who is a senior, for the entire season including any bowl games.

“That’s not what we’re all about. That’s not what we coach. That’s not what we stand for and it’s unacceptable,” said Kelly. “He is taking this very hard. He understands he made a mistake and he has to pay for the mistake. But we’re not going to throw LeGarrette Blount out on the street.”

Blount will remain on scholarship and continue to practice with the team.

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