Lane Kiffin bitch slapped by karma

Lane Kiffin, meet karma, karma this is Lane…this is where karma hauls off and bitch slaps the former Vols head coach.

After Arizona State spanked and handed Lane’s Trojans their asses in a 62-41 spank down, Kiffin got axed by USC athletic director Pat Haden. And the decision was made midway through the 3rd quarter of the game so AD Pat Haden couldn’t bear the thought of Lane being on the sideline from that point on.

Kiffin is the dude who packed up and left his Tennessee Vols team after a 14-month stint that left fans hanging out to dry after talking a game about being committed to turning that team around.

Vols fans woke up that following morning to learn their coach fled for the Best Coast and were livid, grabbing their pitchforks ready to go on a witch hunt.

Problem was, Kiffin was long gone headed to the Cali sun to settle into his new cush gig at USC. Well that “cush gig” ended with a pink slip, a shitty 28-15 record and needing to replace his dad as D coordinator along the way.

Well UT fans, thanks to karma, Lane got the bitch slapping you think he deserved so you can go back to your business with solid closure and celebrate with a toga kegger.

Yeah karma is a bitch but it can also be a bitch slap….or in this case a Bitch Slap of the Week.

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