NASCAR and Daytona may face lawsuits

Now that the dust is settling from the horrific crash at the Daytona International Speedway Nationwide race, question is how many lawsuits may arise from the disaster.

The crash that happened during the final lap of the race sent debris flying into the crowd and injured fans, sending many to trauma units and E.R.s in Volusia County.

In addition to the group of fans that were transported, 14 others were treated at the site of the accident.

Pictured here is what little is left of the front end of Kyle Larson’s car that slammed high into the fence.

During the aftermath, NASCAR and the speedway may be facing lawsuits that may total in multi-million dollars range. The fences were raised to 22-feet-high after Colin Edwards crashed in Talladega in 2009 but this fence still was unable to protect fans from flying debris.

“Maybe the fence should have been higher; maybe there should have been more spacing between the track and spectators,” lawyer Adam Levitt, a lawyer with Grant & Eisenhofer said after the incident.

NASCAR would be expected to rebuttal with the disclaimers that are on their tickets, reminding fans in attendance about the risk and dangers of attending a race.

The day following the wreck, fans grabbed their coolers, put on their favorite NASCAR attire and piled into the 167,000-seat facility for the Daytona 500.



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