Debate heats up as Busch gets 100th win

When the boys at NASCAR aren’t drinking beer, kicking ass and taking names in the pit area or chasing hot ladies in Daisy Dukes they’re winning races and that’s exactly what Kyle Busch has been doing.

Busch took a victory lap for the 100th time yesterday after winning the race at New Hampshire Speedway to become just the third driver to accomplish that feat.

The 26-year-old joins Richard Petty who is the NASCAR career leader with 200 wins and David Pearson who is well within reach with 106 wins. If Busch catches Pearson, the debate will be hot since Pearson won 105 of his 106 in the Cup level while Busch’s 100 victories are spread over NASCAR’s top three (Nationwide, Sprint Cup, Truck).

Saturday’s win was the 49th Nationwide Series win for Busch tying him with Mark Martin for that all-time lead. In all Busch has popped a cork in the winner’s circle 49 times in Nationwide Series wins, 22 times in Sprint Cup competition and 29 times after Trucks Series’ wins.

While Busch coasted around the track waving a flag with “100” on it, the debate putting Busch in the same class as Petty and Pearson had already gained momentum. With all of Richard Petty’s 200 wins being at the Cup level, his son Kyle posted on his Twitter account, reminding fans the difference in the sport back then as opposed to now.

Busch certainly understands the format for NASCAR has changed and understood Kyle’s feelings but it didn’t seem to take away from his accomplishment of hitting that 100 number.

“Certainly, mine’s a little bit different,” Busch said. “But it feels good.”

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