Patrick Roy goes postal; again

What has three assholes and speaks French? The Roy family.

That line comes from the column written in the past here on Sports Climax that granted Patrick Roy and his moronic sons our Bitch Slap of the Week.

So how long did it take for Roy to show his true colors again as being a belligerent crazy bitch who the Colorado Avalanche were dumb enough to hire?

The correct answer would be less than 24 hours.

Yep, Roy made headlines after his first NHL game behind the pine for the Avs and was lucky to walk away with a mere $10,000 fine for his tantrum.

The guy’s a clear-cut nut job, to the point they need to make a straitjacket with the Avs logo on it and put it on him before he’s allowed anywhere near the ice.

Roy’s history includes throwing punches at a co-owner of a team he was coaching, ripping doors off their hinges in a domestic family dispute and being accused of sicking his unruly son on an opposing young goalie who didn’t want to fight the younger Roy.

Along this trek of fucktardness, one of the younger Roy boys actually faced criminal charges for another on ice intent to injure incident. Get the picture? This guy is an idiot and who in their right minds would want him behind their bench.

Here’s what happened in Roy’s debut in the NHL.

After Avs rookie forward Nathan MacKinnon was run into by Anaheim Ducks D-man Ben Lovejoy at the end of a 6-1 Avs win, Roy thought the hit was knee-on-knee play and began going postal on some Anaheim players.  Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau chimed in and that’s when Roy went postal X 10, trying to break through the glass separating he and the opposing coach.

He slammed the glass partition between the benches, making it almost fall over twice, too bad he didn’t bang his fucking head on it long enough to knock some sense into him and remind him he’s not in the QMJL anymore.

Roy was booted away from the ice and no penalty was called on Lovejoy. Although Boudreau called it a minor incident, others who have followed the path psycho Roy has taken over the years knows it’s only a reminder how he will snap again and has the potential of doing some serious damage to someone, somewhere in the league whether it be a player, coach or exec.

Boudreau did call Roy’s childish, embarrassing tactics “bush league” and said the Frenchie needs to grow up.

“He was like that in the Quebec league, too,” Boudreau said. Yeah he was and so were his asshole kids.

Like father like son.

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