EA NHL 2016 removes Kane from cover

Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane has been removed from the EA NHL 2016 game cover after rape allegations against him surfaced.

This is the original photo showing captain Jonathon Toews with Kane hoisting the Stanley Cup:

And this is the replacement cover of Toews solo and Kane eliminated:

This isn’t the first time Kane has made arrest headlines. In a past incident, he was busted and accused of assaulting a cab driver.

During the rape accusation and investigation, police came to Kane’s house in the middle of the night to gather evidence. This set off a flurry of bantering from two sides.

Some described the accuser of being a money-grubbing whore looking for a payday. While people on the opposite side of the fence used Kane’s party-bro image and past arrest history to assume he must have done something wrong.

Some witnesses said they saw him that night and he was almost fall-down drunk. Others say the woman was hanging all over him and blocking other women from getting close to the NHL star.

No matter who you believe, it may be time to send a message to Kane . . . may be time to get off the sauce, bro.

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