Rex Ryan adds $75K to career fine total

Rex Ryan continues putting his foot in his mouth–when he’s not putting someone else’s in there–and this time it’s costing him $75,000.

The controversial New York Jets head coach was trotting off the field at halftime during the Jets 37-16 loss to New England when a fan yelled, “Hey, Rex, Belichick is better than you.”

While most NFL coaches would ignore the innocent heckle, Ryan fired back telling the fan to shut up only in a more colorful way with dialogue that you can’t put on television.

Ryan told the media he won’t appeal a fine issued by Commissioner Roger Goodell and apologized for his actions saying he is “accountable for [his] actions.”

In this day and age you can’t get away with even a few seconds of bad behavior and Ryan should have learned that when he was photographed flipping the bird to a fan in Miami in early 2010. (pictured here). He was fined $50,000 for that middle finger incident but obviously hasn’t learned a lesson.

This recent incident was captured in a 49-second video by a fan at MetLife Stadium.

The Jets front office said they will not discipline Ryan for the latest incident and GM Mike Tannenbaum said he and Rex had a sit-down and Ryan knows that his behavior was not acceptable.

Got to hand it to the Jets, even when they are playing average at best, with Rex at the helm, they always seem to find a way into the headlines.

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