Karma meet Lane, now bite him in the ass.

Lane, meet karma, karma this is Lane, now karma, bite him in the ass.

After Arizona State took the Trojans (3-2, 0-2 Pac-12)  to school and handed their asses to them in a 62-41 spank down, Kiffin got axed by  USC athletic director Pat Haden.

Just for a little icing on the cake, Haden did the pink slipping at the Trojans’ airport terminal in Los Angeles when the team plane returned from Arizona early Sunday morning.

Kiffin was said to have handled the news professionally but was sad and “completely caught off guard”, ya know like the Tennessee Vols players and students were when Lane bolted UT in the middle of the night for USC but we’ll get to that in a sec.

USC players were notified of the “breakup” via text message shortly before USC announced the move at 4:25 a.m. local time.

According to media sources, Kiffin tried pleading for 45 minutes to change Haden’s mind but nada, he was sent packing we’re sure to the enjoyment of Tennessee Vols fans everywhere.

Kiffin is the guy who packed up and left his Vols team and fans hanging out to dry after talking a game about being committed to turning that team around. Vols fans woke up that following morning to learn their coach fled for the Best Coast and livid, grabbed their pitchforks to go on a witch hunt. Problem was, Kiffin was already sitting in the Cali sun planning to settle into his new cushy gig at USC.

Kiffin’s overall record in four years at USC was 28-15 impressive enough to get fired mid-season.

“We’ve played 125 years of some pretty dog-gone good football here at USC…. and we need to be great again,” said Haden.

Well, yeah, so dag nab it, fire that dab gum sap sucker who has his team struggling. If nothing else, it created a reason for UT students to throw another toga kegger.

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