Jerry Jones is a horrible judge of character

Jerry Jones gets our Bitch Slap of the Week for continuing to defend and promote his controversial players when many think he should be suspending them instead.

Greg Hardy is the latest player in question. Hardy spent almost the entire 2014-15  NFL season on the sidelines and after he found a lone taker for his services, Jerry Jones, the thug has continued to show he is too animalistic to wear a pro jersey.

While most people feel Hardy should be behind bars and never allowed to play in the NFL again, he responded to that controversy by continuing to act above the law and went as far as slapping a clipboard out of a coach’s hands on the sidelines.

The incident was caught on national TV and makes Jerry Jones and the Cowboys’ organization look even more moronic, if that’s possible.

Jones has put up with rants and embarrassing public displays both on and off the field from WR Dez Bryant and now has appeared to extend that free rein of classless acting to Hardy.

Hardy is a 6-ft, 4, 278 pound beast who continues to show the symptoms related to ‘roid rage. Hardy’s assault accuser said he threw her against a tile bathtub wall, tossed her on a futon covered in assault rifles, and choked her. Since then, the world has seen the photos related to that assault and now have witnessed him assaulting a coach on the sidelines.

Jerry Jones get our Bitch Slap of the Week for referring to the woman-beater Hardy and others like Dez as “team leaders” and guys that teammates look up to.

Really, Jerry?

We’d like to ask Tony Romo and Jason Witten about that off the record.

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