Did Greg Hardy have another ‘roid rage?

Did Dallas Cowboys lineman Greg Hardy have another ‘roid rage?

Greg Hardy spent almost the entire 2014-15  NFL season on the sidelines and after he found a lone taker for his services, Jerry Jones, the thug has continued to show he is too animalistic to wear a pro jersey.

Many people feel Hardy should be behind bars for brutally assaulting his girlfriend and should never be allowed to play in the NFL again. Some of us feel he should be tested for steroids because he continues to show actions associated with ‘roid rage.

So how does this above-the-law thug respond to the public’s and fans’ opinion? 

By continuing to act above-the-law. By disrespecting authority and physically pushing one of his Dallas Cowboys, coaches on the sideline.

The incident was caught on national TV and was the buzz of every sports talk show in America.

It makes Jerry Jones and the Cowboys’ organization look like idiots for being the only NFL team willing to step in and sign Hardy.

Hardy is a 6-ft, 4, 278 pound beast who continues to show the symptoms related to ‘roid rage .

To read more about Hardy’s assault accuser who said he threw her against a tile bathtub wall, tossed her on a futon covered in assault rifles, and choked her, go here.

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