Best 2013 Super Bowl ads

This year’s Super Bowl again entertained audiences around the world with some outrageous commercial spots.

While placing an ad increased to a staggering $3 million-plus for a 30-second spot, we noticed many brands opted to go the comedic route.

We choose our top three comedy driven spots in no specific order:

Our favorites included the pissed off goat terrorizing the Doritos chomping guy as he hid in his room hoarding a bag of Doritos. The goat trashes the house and makes his way into the room like Jack Nicolas’ character in The Shining minus the line “Wendy, I’m home!”

Other favs included the creative Speed Stick spot (as seen on YouTube here) of the impatient dude in the Laundromat who clears out a stranger’s dryer, dropping a pair of yellow panties on the floor. As he folds up the sexy satire, the owner of the lingerie walks in catching him in the act creating one of those ‘perv or good deed’ moments.

After exchanging dialogue with the hot looking chick in the Daisy Dukes and high heels, he blurts out, “I’d fold your panties any day.”  The line made it’s way throughout Twitter for days with users attaching Speed Stick’s Twitter hashtag #HandleIt to their Tweets.

Ironic thing about this particular spot is the fact it was shot by a small company in San Francisco named Ryactive who did it on a micro budget. Nothing like a mom/pop agency hanging with the big boys on Super Bowl Sunday.

Out third nod goes to the Go Daddy ad that either grossed you out or made you envious of the nerdiest looking dude to hit the screen the entire afternoon and evening.

After an introduction by Danica Patrick, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model Bar Refaeli and a tech nerd start making out on the spot, slipping each other the tongue. 

Final verdict of the 2013 Super Bowl ads varied depending on what media source you went to for an opinion. Ours is, these were the most memorable…and if you care to take another look, the NFL website has a link to see them all and vote for your favorites.

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