AFC standings, ‘Baguars’ and the Steelers

With the NFL four games into it’s season, take a look at the AFC standings.

Below are the AFC standings that show teams like the Steelers sitting in the basement of their division at 0-4 while the Chiefs remain undefeated at 4-0. The tighest division is the AFC North with the Bengals, Browns and Ravens deadlocked at 2-2. Yep, the Brownies are tied with the Super Bowl Champion Ravens and both of that team’s wins can after dumping their 3rd overall pick Trent Richardson in a move that had many thinking they were waving the white flag on their season.

No surprise that the Jags are at 0-4 and hopefully giving away free beer in their game yesterdfay drew a few more people. If nothing else, it got a few people wasted enough to not give a shit if the team won or not. Any chants of “TEBOW” fill the stands yesterday? Gotta wonder. We’ve been

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