Sandusky posts bail; wearing monitor

Jerry Sandusky was released from a jail in Pennsylvania Thursday morning. He was put there on Wednesday, December 7 after being arrested on new child molestation charges.

Two additional victims’ stories have been vetted by police and prosecutors and the grand jury added Victim #9 and Victim #10 to the original presentment.

The Harrisburg Patriot-News reported on Thursday that Sandusky was held in a separate cell routinely used for

Jerry Sandusky mugshot

processing new prisoners. Bail of $1 million was requested by prosecutors but reduced to $250,000 which has been posted. The former head of The Second Mile charity, from which he found the alleged victims, will wear a monitoring bracelet and be confined to his home.

The residents in and around his community won’t have to be faced with seeing him around town, engaging in normal day-to-day activities.

The charges include grisly tales of forced penetration and cries of help from one victim that fell on deaf ears. Victim #9 alleges multiple assaults in the basement of Sandusky’s home, with Mrs. Sandusky said to be upstairs at the time. His plea for assistance was met with silence.

Both Victims 9 and 10 were younger than 13 years of age when they were subject to “indecent contact for the purposes of sexual arousal” and “deviate sexual  intercourse,” as they are described in the arrest report.

As difficult as it is to write or read the charges, attention must be paid for justice to be served, whatever that may be.

The Centre County court where Jerry Sandusky will make his first public court appearance on Tuesday December 13 is the hottest ticket in town. Officials have resorted to a lottery system to dole out the few seats assigned to the general public. While reading about the horror complained of is avoided by most people, viewing the spectacle seems irresistible.

Only the original charges relating to the first set of eight victims will be dealt with next week at a preliminary hearing.

The prosecution will be asked to present enough credible evidence for a judge to agree that Sandusky must stand trial. If, as presumed that occurs, the defense will have to decide whether plea bargaining is its best option as new alleged victims come forward.

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