LeBron James Jr. – Like father, like son

LeBron James has cemented a place in NBA history as being one of the most dominating players in the league’s history. But wait! According to recent comments made by King James, he may be sharing some of that spotlight with another ‘James’ in the far future. The other ‘James’ is LeBron’s 12-year-old son, LeBron James Jr.

Scouts and insiders are already saying LeBron James Jr. has a promising future in basketball, in fact, last summer ESPN reported that the youngster already has offers from Kentucky and Duke.

Junior has been putting on a show on the court with his dribbling, passing and shooting abilities, so yeah, it’s truly looking like one of those epic, ‘Like father, like son’ things is evolving here.

Videos are popping up all around the internet. Here’s one on YouTube that has almost 1.4 million views that showcases junior throwing a hurt on opposing players:

So what’s James Sr. think about all the hype surrounding his son?

According to Cleveland Plain-Dealer writer Chris Fedor, James Sr. said junior’s aspects of the game are better than his were when he was the same age. James also said he didn’t handle the ball as well as junior does at that age and his son actually shoots better than he did as well.

Before you think this is just a typical proud father praising his son scenario, watch Junior own the court, leaving opponents frozen on drives to the hoop, threading the needle on long passes and hitting long range jumpers like you-know-who. Then you’ll probably join the rest of us and go all-in to the hype.

I wonder if the kid will incorporate LeBron’s chalk ritual before the games…

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