Cavs fans “forgive and forget”

So LeBron James is back in his home state of Ohio and he’s bringing star talent with him. Google “Kevin Love”.

You may also wanna Google “loudest NBA arena ever” after 20,562 Cleveland Cavaliers fans pack Quicken Loans Arena for the regular season opener. When James takes the floor the noise level may blow the roof off.

It will be a classic example of “forgive and forget” because in sports, all that matters to most fans is winning. LeBron thinks the same way. After seven seasons in a Cavs jersey, LeBron was aching for a championship and took the easy road to get one.

Now back in his home state and playing for owner Dan Gilbert, a man who once called him…..well…we won’t get into all that offensive behavior since we are in the “forgive and forget” mode.

There’s a lot of passion in sports and the emotions can flip at the drop of a hat.

The scathing signs held by fans slamming LeBron and No. 23 jersey burnings that followed LeBron’s departure will soon feel like ancient times.

Cavs fans are taking the forgive and forget course….because it seems evident Gilbert and LeBron will be standing hand-in-hand hoisting a championship trophy for the city of Cleveland before this “decision” plays itself out.

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