Yankees All-Star closer pays $232,069 per bullet

While prices soar in certain niche markets across the country, New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman just paid $232,069 per bullet . . . the result of a domestic abuse incident that occurred at his home in Florida.

Chapman’s girlfriend, 22-year-old Cristina Barnea, told cops in Florida Chapman pushed and choked her during an Oct. 30 incident at his home in Davie. The Yank admitted there was a squabble and said he was pushed down by Barnea’s brother.

Did Chapman push back?

Yeah, but with a handgun…he’s in Florida where guns are glory. Chapman got a handgun and fired eight shots into a wall and window.

Major League Baseball dished out a 30-game suspension to Chapman for the incident and that equates to the four-time All-Star losing 30 days of pay which is $1,856,557 of his $11,325,000 salary . . . which is $232,069 per bullet fired.

Chapman apologized for using a gun but insisted he never hurt his girlfriend.

And going back to that Florida thing and guns. This will sound absurd to anyone not carrying an NRA membership card, but prosecutors declined to file charges on a pissed off guy that retaliated by firing eight rounds out of a gun. Because it’s a gun and it’s Florida.

BTW Chapman said he no longer has a gun.

Maybe so, but if GF Christina were our relative or friend, we’d tell her to sprint in the opposite direction of this hothead and relationship.

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