Marlins’ Mattingly takes sledgehammer hit

Don Mattingly sledgehammer

Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly, with the use of a sledgehammer, just invented another way to try to motivate his players but we’ll need to wait it out to see what type, if any, impact it has.

During MLB Spring Training, Mattingly gathered his players in the locker room and took a break from talking, instead, laying supine on a bench and allowing a big dude to lay a cinder block on his chest. Then the guy takes a swing, smashing it to pieces.

Okay, now this isn’t a conventional method of motivating people. But the guy who set this up is a motivational speaker named Donnie Moore, a member of a religious group that spreads inspirational messages.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen an image depicting Jesus with a sledgehammer, but hey, when you’re coming off a season as bad as the Marlins finishing 15 ½ games behind their division leader, I’d say try anything.

If the Marlins make the playoffs, I see a new logo in the works showing Jesus protruding out of the “M” holding a sledgehammer.

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