Lenny Dykstra mugshot says it all

Lenny Dykstra’s mugshot says it all. Amid numerous financial problems the former Mets and Phillies superstar was taken into custody by police and charged with multiple accounts of grand theft auto, identity fraud and drug possession after using phony information to lease a car in California.

If convicted of all charges, Dykstra could face up to 12 years in prison.

Dykstra quickly stated his innocence:

“Of course I’m not guilty.” “That car got stolen alright – stolen by them. I don’t have it anymore.”

Dykstra and two others were arrested after trying to lease cars in Southern California by claiming credit through a non-existent business. Dykstra was also found in possession of cocaine, ecstasy and HGH.

A three time All-Star who finished second in the 1993 MVP vote, Dykstra finished his 12 year career with a .285 batting average and 285 stolen bases. He was cited in the Mitchell report for taking steroids (which could explain why is batting average was about 30 points higher in his time with the Phillies).

In Moneyball, Billy Beane said that “Nails” had “no concept of failure,” which made him perfectly designed to play baseball.

It didn’t, however, make him well-suited for the life he would lead after.

Dykstra dreamed of an extravagant life after his playing days were over; which explains his multi-million dollar mansion and gulfstream jet. He wanted to start an investment company and magazine that would help him manage other celebrities wealth, but his business never took off.

Dykstra’s financial status seemed in jeopardy early in 2009. Stories surfaced (first in GQ and then later on ESPN) that Dykstra was the subject of multiple legal actions and had trouble making the payments necessary to keep his business afloat.

He filed for bankruptcy in 2009, claiming only $50,000 in assets and between 20 and 100 times that in liabilities.

Dykstra was charged with federal bankruptcy crime a day before his latest arrest this year as he reportedly hid and destroyed some of his assets. He was also accused of a lewd act while interviewing a woman for a job who said the former player exposed himself to her.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on June 16th. For the once bright star in big baseball markets, the future likely holds time behind bars.

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