Comedy of errors puts Red Sox into World Series

So the Boston red Sox have defeated the Detroit Tigers four games to two to take the ALCS and move on to the World Series to take on…wait, actually it was the Tigers who defeated the Tigers.

After creating a circus clown highlight reel in Game 6 with gaffes that felt were written into the script to take place at the worst time, the Tigers were sent home with their tail between their legs. Gaffe after gaffe in a game that meant the world to a city struggling from deep within its economy.
And for now, the most embarrassing image that will haunt the Tigers and their fans is Prince Fielder, belly-flopping into the dirt, being tagged for a double play at third base. Fileder looked like anything but an athlete as his fat belly flopped short of the base and he lay in the dirt looking like, w,  that never should have happened. 

Or Austin Jackson being picked off of first base after finally making a habit of reaching it.


Or a hobbled Miguel Cabrera, unable to beat out a deep ground ball, stranding two runners to end the seventh.


Or the sure-handed Iglesias bobbling that ground ball and turning a potential inning-ending double play into an error and bases loaded for Victorino.

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