Will Woods’ caddy spill his guts?

Tiger Woods fired his caddie Steve Williams Wednesday, ending a 12-year relationship that included the duo capturing 13 majors and over 70 worldwide victories and the news apparently surprised Williams, who is a long-time friend of Woods:

“Given the circumstances of the past 18 months… I am very disappointed to end our very successful partnership.”

Thinking outside the box, this may be the best thing that could have happened to this dude. Tiger is in a major slump right now and, frankly, I would not be afraid to challenge him to a round of golf next weekend. Okay, that’s a stretch but if I didn’t have a wicked slice off the tee I might give him a run for his money on a few holes.

But that’s another point.

Tiger is going downhill fast and the best thing for Williams to do may have been to detach himself from the downward spiral and even capitalize on his unique situation.

Nobody knows Tiger Woods like his caddy does. They spent years on the golf course, a prime location for sharing details and secret spilling.

Like many of the scandals in sports, we’ll probably never find out the whole truth about Tiger and his sexual addiction but think about the opportunities that may be presented to Williams…calls and huge offers from places like TMZ and Deadspin.

Once a plain caddy dragging around clubs, Williams may have suddenly become the most interesting man in golf. There is no better time than now for him to tell the rest of the world what the golf world doesn’t want us to hear. And by that, I mean what Tiger doesn’t want us to hear.

Woods has already “shocked” Williams so why shouldn’t the former club polisher give him a taste of his own medicine? The pair’s loyalty was broken the minute he handed over the pink slip.

Williams was a great caddy, a close friend, and one of the few true supporters of Tiger Woods after the whole cheating scandal broke. He was by his side through the good times and bad and what did he get for being so loyal?

Besides a truckload of money he got a backhand to the face in the form of walking papers. A friend should give you a heads up if he wants a change. Williams said it himself; that this firing came as a shock.

So why shouldn’t he take a turn and shock the world with what he knows?

Tell us the “truth” about Woods’ flings. Give us a number of how many ladies he’s actually banged in the after bar hours.

What is he like behind closed doors?

Does he use the n-word?

Have you shared ladies before?

Has he dabbled in the men’s department?

You know; things like that.

Look, you’ll never be in the spotlight again, so you need to capitalize on the current situation before we forget your name.

Write a book or at least give some sort of revealing interview before Tiger does it himself.

At the rate hot news fizzles out in the media nowadays, I’d say you have roughly… two weeks.

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Los Angeles Based Logan Rhoades is the Associate Editor of the website JocksBehindBars.com. With an extensive knowledge of ESPN topics and celebrity gossip, he is known for mixing sports and pop culture. Check out his “Skip to My Logan” blog and Follow him on Twitter @loganrhoades.

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