Golf team suspended for naked team photo

Bethany College golfers took a nude photo recently and although the incident got them into trouble, the coach has lightened up on his discipline. Originally Coach Jon Daniels suspended the players for three matches but after further review, told the Salina Journal the penalty will be reduced to only one.

The coach should be more grateful to the 14 players involved than upset, really, since this incident put college golf on the front page of websites around the country.

Prior to this few mainstream sports fans even knew that Bethany College even had a golf team.

The school was alerted to the photo after the players posed naked with a variety of items covering their genitals for an unofficial team picture. One of the participants then put the pic on Facebook, leading to the discovery.

Oh, and more thing, the 14 players must do a presentation about “the perils of social media”. Is someone actually blaming Facebook for the gaffe?

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