Mares vs. Agbeko fight ref controversy

The second knockdown in the 11th round of this IBF Bantamweight fight was controversial. Abner Mares clearly hit Joseph Agbeko low but it was one of several that referee Russell Mora either ignored or merely warned Mares about and Jim Gray called him out on it.

When the bout was over, Mares took a majority decision and Agbeko’s IBF Bantamweight belt. The Showtime Bantamweight final was the first ever for Mares but don’t expect the controversy to end anytime soon.

Credit/Tom Casino Showtime

The homegrown product of Golden Boy Promotions outworked Agbeko, scoring a knockdown in the first round but the verdict may be officially challenged by Agbeko’s camp.

Despite the countless number  of blows below the belt, not one point was ever taken from Mares. The fight was scored 113-113, 115-111, 115-111 and could have turned had the referee taken at least one point from mares and called the fight as one would have expected.

The Showtime broadcast team, including Jim Gray certainly didn’t pull any punches, going at the ref during the post-fight interviews. A rematch seems likely.

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