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Get Ready Lions, Stafford Knows How to Party!


DETROIT – Stafford is exactly what the 0-16 Lions need. A young rambunctious heart full of energy. Matthew, think you can get some hip-hop blaring through the locker room to awaken the NFL’s most dreadful squad out of their 7-year coma or a few of those blond babes to cheer on the sidelines?

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Vick Deserves Fresh Start in the NFL

Credit: AP

Seeing the results of recent polls favoring that Vick be banned from the NFL for life, it is evident how hostile and out-of-touch our country has become. It’s like an emotional lynch-mobbing. One Carolina television station poll showed viewers 61% in favor of a lifetime ban with comments like, “The judicial system sucks. [Vick] should be still in jail, leashed to his bunk.”

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Erin Andrews Calls 911 on Paparazzi


ATLANTA – Erin Andrews still coming down from the ordeal of being videoed naked in a hotel room several days ago called 911 to report two paparazzi creeping around her home. Andrews, an ESPN sports reporter voted the sexiest female to work the mic, is no stranger to attention but lately seems to be getting the kind of attention she prefers not to get.

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Favre Dumps Vikings Two Days Before Camp


MINNESOTA – In the biggest news to come out of the Minnesota Vikings locker room since Fox Sports showed tight end Visanthe Shiancoe naked in the locker room last season, NFL icon Brett Favre announced he has reconsidered wearing purple and will stay retired.

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Sexy Brazilian Horse Jockey Maylan Studart


NEW YORK – Since running our original feature entitled, “Sexy Maylan Studart is Horse Racing’s Danica Patrick” earlier this year, we have received a ton of emails inquiring about the Brazilian beauty; asking for an update on her career.

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Vick Released From Federal Custody

(AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari, Pool)

ATLANTA – Now that Vick has officially traded in his electronic home-confinement monitor, he is expected to step up his efforts to resume his pro football career. Having paid his debt, it’s time to allow this man back into society and into the NFL in time for this upcoming season.

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Erin Andrews Naked Video


SAN FRANCISCO – I’m still in San Francisco for meetings until later in the week but had several emails inquiring about the story about ESPN reporter Erin Andrews being filmed naked by a voyeur in a hotel room.

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AL Earns 4-3 Victory Over NL in All Star Game


ST. LOUIS – President Obama started the MLB All Star evening out with the first pitch and the American League finished it off with another victory over their rival National League All Stars. The 4-3 victory is the 13th in a row for the AL, a record streak that again earned them home field advantage in the World Series.

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Phelps Sets World Record in 100-Meter Butterfly


INDIANA – American 14-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps beat Ian Crocker’s world record in the 100-meter butterfly at the U.S. national championships Thursday at the Indiana University Natatorium, finishing the event in 50.22 seconds.

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Steve McNair Found Murdered in Nashville


NASHVILLE – Former Tennessee Titans/Baltimore Ravens quarterback Steve McNair was found dead alongside Sahel Kazemi, a 20-year-old woman he allegedly had been dating.

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