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The Nads’ ‘Scrotie’ is king of the mascots

The Rhode Island School of Design may own the most bizarre name and mascot in sports after edging out the ‘Farts’ and ‘Whoopee’. The team is “The Nads” and the mascot is Scrotie:

In 2001, the unofficial mascot evolved for The Nads and skated around the ice in what looked more like a late-night, prize-winning Halloween costume than mascot attire. The video above shows Scrotie chasing an opposing mascot “Clammy” at one of the college’s hockey games.

RISD has proudly promoted their two men’s teams on its website writing, “RISD’s sports teams include basketball “The Balls” and ice hockey “The Nads”.

After the Nads hockey team was put in place, the basketball team was then formed under the name ‘Balls’ to stay consistent with the ice hockey team.go-nads-mascot

Each team developed its own slogan, the basketball team’s being, “When the heat is on, the Balls stick together”, and the hockey squad sticking with a more simple “Go Nads” that is found on their fan’s attire.

Scrotie is pictured on the right on the ice in his wiener costume and red cape.

He has since been given the shaft but will best be remembered for having the balls to screw with the opposition.

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