Lingerie Bowl Leads to Formation of LFL

It’s no wonder the NFL continues to book the biggest names in music year after year for their halftime Super Bowl show. The competition for millions of the game’s halftime viewers is heating up.The competition comes in the form of the annual Lingerie Bowl that has aired global-wide to millions of viewers on pay per view television during every Super Bowl halftime since 2004.

The Lingerie Bowl is a football game played between teams of hot-looking, athletic models scampering around the field in tight panties and bras, and it is gaining popularity fast.

Half-naked babes bouncing down the field scantily clad in sexy lingerie, gang-tackling each other to the turf . . . does it get any better than this!

This event brings new meaning to the ‘tight end’ position and I would suggest the announcers avoid phrases like “She penetrated the gap.” when calling the game.

Lingerie Bowl VI will be competing with this year’s 2009 Super Bowl halftime show that will feature Bruce Springsteen. Corporate giants have jumped on board over the past few years with Miller Brewing Company, Dodge and Universal Pictures sponsoring the game and every major media network has covered it as well.

The game has become so popular, the ten-team Lingerie Football League is being formed and is scheduled to begin play in September 2009.

Teams will play in Atlanta, L.A, San Diego, Miami, Tampa, Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas and New England.

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