Rams Bradford beats Redskins without Jackson

After yesterday’s 30-16 loss to the St. Louis Rams, The Washington Redskins aren’t anywhere close to being a team that can play half-assed and assume to win, even if their opponent is the Rams.

There’s a new coach, Mike Shanahan, new QB Donavon McNabb, new defensive scheme, yet it’s the same old sad story. The Redskins once again played down to their competition, and once again forgot how true the the old NFL axiom of ‘any given Sunday’ is.

Not only did the Rams have a rookie quarterback playing in just his third NFL game, Sam Bradford, but they also played a good portion of the game without their star running back, Steven Jackson who left with an injury. Bradford ended up 23-of 37 for 235 yards and one touchdown pass.

Bad thing is, the team’s problems may have begun before kickoff.

“We kind of expected, this is the Rams, we’ll come in and beat them. But this is an NFL team, too. They get draft picks just like we do. They prepare, just like we did. We just let them off the hook,” said Albert Haynesworth.

After a horrible performance, DeAngelo Hall may want to officially close his mouth. When you complain about not being given a chance to cover an opponent’s No. 1 receiver on every single play then give up 85 receiving yards to Mark Clayton, it’s time that you get called out.

Then there is the issue of Clinton Portis.

Last season Portis still had enough power where we knew he still had the potential to have a breakout game. The drop off from 2008 to 2009 was noticeable, and this year the regression of his play seems even worse.

The pieces on this Redskins offense look out of place. Many believe Joey Galloway should not be a No. 2 wide receiver and Portis is no longer durable enough to be a starting NFL running back.

The Rams ended a 14-game losing streak on their home field with the win.

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