Ozzie Guillen to Miami Marlins

Polarizing manager Ozzie Guillen who is known for his expletive filled rants is finally on his way out of Chicago and headed to the Florida Miami Marlins. That’s right, the team will be renamed the Miami Marlins and take a look at their new logo, pictured below, that has many of their fans screaming for mercy.

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Guillen managed the White Sox to a World Series Championship in 2005 and reached the playoffs again in 2008. Overall he spent eight exciting years managing the White Sox (with whom he played for 13 of his 16 MLB seasons) and was often in the news for his controversial comments.

This isn’t the first time that Guillen’s name has come up as a candidate for the Marlins job. Last off-season there was speculation that the relationship between Guillen and White Sox GM Kenny Williams might lead to Guillen’s departure from the team.  However, Guillen managed the Sox to a 78-82 record in 2011, falling short of preseason expectations.

After Guillen was unable to secure a contract extension, he asked to be released although the White Sox retained the right to be compensated if he signed elsewhere. The Marlins will send a pair of minor league players, Jhan Marinez and Osvaldo Martinez.

Guillen was on the Marlins coaching staff when the team won the World Series in 2003 and will be returning to the organization to lead them into their new ballpark in 2012.

While managing the White Sox Guillen was constantly in the news for his disagreements with Williams and his noteworthy quotes.

He talked some smack about Wrigley Field:

“I puke every time I go there.”

About how he trusted Scott Linebrink after he claimed he was too ill to pitch:

“I believe him because he’s a real religious guy. Someone else tells me they have a migraine, I know they’re hung over.”

And about why he will be remembered:

“Who’s the manager they remember the most? Billy Martin. They don’t remember Sparky Anderson. They remember Billy Martin because he was the crazy one.”

While the Marlins will look to rebound from a disappointing season, the combination of Logan Morrison’s twitter and Ozzie Guillen’s crazy comments should keep the team in the headlines year round.

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