Media ‘Quotes’ on Fired Exec Matt Millen

Clark Judge,”Matt Millen tried to make the Lions better, the best he knew how. But that was the problem. He didn’t know how.” “The Edsel. The Pinto. The Millen. After almost eight seasons, Detroit has finally recalled this lemon.”

Bill Ford Jr; Lions Front Office: “The fans deserve better.”

Judy Battista, N.Y. Times: “Matt Millen, who presided over some of the most unsuccessful seasons and misguided drafts in Lions history … had enjoyed seemingly inexplicable job security since joining the team in 2001.”

Tom Curran, “The City of Detroit is in need of a new piñata this morning.”

Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press: “By football standards, Millen should have been fired after  his second coaching hire flop”

Tom Ferda, Sports Climax: “The end of the most incompetent run of a GM in professional sports has just come to a merciful end.”

Kevin Seifert, “I don’t want to spoil your celebration, Lions fans, but in reality the job is only 50% completed. The next step is much less clear. … The issue is now whether the Lions can replace him with someone … more capable of rebuilding a franchise.”

Pete Prisco, “What the heck took so long?”

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