McNabb vs. Vick, results of Round 1

Donovan McNabb entered the Philadelphia stadium to a standing ovation and left to a chorus of boo and a 17-12 win. It was hardly the revenge performance he was hoping for, but it was good enough to get the ‘W’ and put his team at the top of the NFC East, for now.

What was headlined to be a great quarterback dual quickly turned into a defensive game and a turtle race.

With Michael Vick leaving in the first quarter after a chest/rib injury, the Eagles explosive offense was put into the hands of McNabb’s replacement, Kevin Kolb. What followed was a sluggish passing attack and a lackluster second half.

This game was not even close to living up to the hype and right away you could just tell that it wasn’t going to play out as scripted.

The dominating performance by Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson went right out the door as soon as Vick left the sidelines and entered the locker room for X-Rays. Latest on Vick’s injury BTW is possible broken ribs and an MRI is scheduled Monday. Back to ‘Mac’ and ‘Jack’ the two receivers combined for a mere total of 36 offensive yards and were held out of the end zone for the first time this season.

The Redskins, on the other hand, came into this game as the worst team in the league in 3rd down conversions, and ended up converting 5-11 of their opportunities and were even able to complete a 56-yard pass on a 3rd and 14.

The majority of Kolb’s 22 completions came from 3 to 5 yard draws and screens that slowly racked up to his 201 yards. He finished with a 76.0 passer rating, 1 touchdown and an interception on the very last play of the game, a Hail Mary that bounced right off the hands of one of his receivers. His stats aren’t that bad, but the Eagles offense was anything but explosive and did little to dismantle the Redskins defense.

Kolb wasn’t the only one wearing green who had a mediocre showing though.

Donovan McNabb looked every bit of an average quarterback in this game, connecting on 8 of 19 passes and puttering up a total of 125 yards through the air. He finished the night with a 60.2 rating, his lowest passer rating and lowest completion total in more than 20 games.

The one thing to be said for McNabb is that he was able to use his feet to find the first down at some crucial times during this game. It wasn’t exactly Vick-like, but he did manage to pick up 39 essential yards, including a big run in the fourth quarter that allowed his team to chew down the clock.

And even though this game was painfully slow, it was still close enough to keep fans watching, and wondering ‘what if’ Vick didn’t get injured?

Would the Eagles win that game? What would the score have been? Would we have had the offensive shootout that we were all hoping for?

Nobody can answer those questions, but that’s just a fact of life for an NFL fan.

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