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Is it time to send a Sports Climax T-shirt, hoodie, coffee mug or ball cap to a friend or family member for their birthday or other occasion?  No? Okay then go grab a beer and triple cheeseburger and plop on the couch to chill then. For you other Sports Climax fans, step up and git ‘er done!  Sports Climax black T

If it’s your wedding anniversary, your wife would probably prefer an all-inclusive trip to a sandy beach so you may get an ass-kicking out of the deal but think of the convenience. Not to mention for just $13 and up, you barely have to get your ass on the couch to get it all done.

All items are ordered direct by contacting our sales department at: merchandise@SportsClimax.com

The shirts contain our popular logo and tagline “Sports Climax ‘Sports News With a Happy Ending’.

Sports Climax white T

Women's SC Red T

This coffee mug is just $13 delivered when you buy direct.

SC Coffee Mug

Sports Clock so you don’t miss the Monday Night Football kickoff:

SC pro sports clock

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