Couple Caught on Video Having Sex in Dallas Cowboys Stadium

DALLAS – Since the Dallas Cowboys are starting this season looking like the league’s underachievers, what better way xxxto get back into the headlines than to have a couple wearing 88 Irvin jerseys get caught on video humping away in a bathroom stall in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

The video has been viewed by more than 400,000 people on and according to the Dallas Observer sports blog, Jerry Jones may have been one of those viewers.

The couple must have put in a decent performance since they were greeted with a standing ovation by bystanders when they exited the stall.

Some are referring to the act as the ‘Split Wide 88′ play or the ‘Deep Route, Give-and-Go’.

The way the Cowboys offense has sputtered out as of late, this ‘offensive’ move may have been the best penetration anyone wearing a Dallas jersey made that day.

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