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Cavs fans “forgive and forget”

So LeBron James is back in his home state of Ohio and he’s bringing star talent with him. Google “Kevin Love”.

You may also wanna Google “loudest NBA arena ever” after 20,562 Cleveland Cavaliers fans pack Quicken Loans Arena for the regular season opener. When James takes the floor the noise level may blow the roof off.

It will be a classic example of “forgive and forget” because in sports, all that matters to most fans is winning. LeBron thinks the same way. After seven seasons in a Cavs jersey, LeBron was aching for a championship and took the easy road to get one.

Now back in his home state and playing for owner Dan Gilbert, a man who once called him…..well…we won’t get into all that offensive behavior since we are in the “forgive and forget” mode.

There’s a lot of passion in sports and the emotions can flip at the drop of a hat.

The scathing signs held by fans slamming LeBron and No. 23 jersey burnings that followed LeBron’s departure will soon feel like ancient times.

Cavs fans are taking the forgive and forget course….because it seems evident Gilbert and LeBron will be standing hand-in-hand hoisting a championship trophy for the city of Cleveland before this “decision” plays itself out.

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Leafs fans lamest in the NHL?

When I first attended an NHL game in Toronto years ago and stood in a long concessions line only to learn they did not sell beer, that is the excuse I gave the Toronto Maple Leafs fans for sitting on their hands most of the game. Appears that decades later with the team selling brews and the fans jam-packing the arena, not much has changed.

Toronto has a solid fan base, no doubt, but players like Joffrey Lupul are speaking out about their lack of response and home support.

In fact, Lupul went as far as to say going to Detroit or Buffalo is nice because the cheers and vocal support they get on those road games exceeds a jam-packed arena north of the border back home.

“It’s fun, again it’s probably a better energy than we get back in Toronto,” Lupul said after a recent loss in Detroit at Joe Louis Arena.

It’s nice when we’re here or Buffalo or places like that when a lot of our fans come out.

Are Leafs fans gonna single Lupul out?

Nope. Not when other players like James van Riemsdyk are jumping on the same wagon.. Van Riemsdyk described the support as “the best fan support they’ve had all season.”

Leafs fans may just be a little impatient since they haven’t won a Stanley Cup for more than a half of century dating back to 1967. They may be sitting on their hands thinking, “Show me the money!”

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Houston sack injury carbon copy of Tulloch’s

Lamarr Houston’s sack injury is the stupidest self-inflicted wound of the season in the NFL. The second dumbest goes to Stephan Tulloch of the Lions who invented the infamous “end-your-season-with-a-sack-celebration” move.

Houston gets the nod as king of stupid since he didn’t learn from Tulloch’s mistake and carbon-copied the move.

These two guys should spend the rest of NFL Sundays on the same couch, watching what they’re missing and arguing who is the bigger idiot. The inventor or the copier.

Here is a look at Houston’s sack dance…

….and here’s a look at Tulloch’s…


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Ray Rice KOs his fiancee VIDEO

Running back Ray Rice was released by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL after a shocking video surfaced showing Rice knocking out his future wife with one punch. The video above was published by TMZ Sports.

The incident happened in an elevator in Las Vegas back in February but the incident was buried by several people and the player was scheduled to return to the field after just a two game suspension.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said the team had not seen the video before it was released by TMZ. “It was something we saw for the first time today, all of us. It changed things, of course. It made things a little bit different,” he said.

A little bit? It’s a brutal animalistic attack that justifies jail time.

Watch the video and decide if you think things should be a little different or if this thug should serve time in prison for assault and battery.

The woman was decked and slammed to the floor unconscious then dragged out along the floor like a rag doll.

Shortly after the team’s announcement, the NFL suspended Rice indefinitely. Better late than never but it’s another blemish on the face of the NFL that is becoming a breeding ground for thugs.


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Lightning’s Ryan Malone busted for coke in Tampa

Ryan Malone mugshot is hot off the press.

The Tampa Bay Lightning forward was busted with cocaine and suspicion of DUI. According to police, on April 11 they pulled the NHL tough guy over after he ran over a curb.

Malone refused a field sobriety test, but was later submitted to a blood alcohol test and was found to have a BAC of 0.112.

A Tampa police officer also found 1.3 grams of cocaine in Malone’s pocket so that’s gonna mess with his NHL mojo for a bit.

Drinking is one thing, doing lines may not be as league friendly. 

Here’s the mugshot Malone cheesed for after his arrest.

Now we will wait and see if and when the Lightning or another NHL team gives this guy another chance. Other NHL players including Red Wings Bob Probert and Rangers Don Murdoch bounced back after blow arrests and contributed to rosters.

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Darren Sharper rape trail getting longer?

Former NFL safety Darren Sharper has been charged with two more counts of sexual assault and several more charges of administering dangerous drugs.

This bust comes in Arizona where he allegedly raped two women back in November.

Damn, this dude has a trail of women coming out of the woodwork and accusing him of raping them.  Cops from the Tempe area served Sharper’s attorney with a grand jury indictment on these latest charges making Arizona the second state to file formal sex charges against the 38-year-old Sharper.

The former Pro Bowler is suspected of date-raping nine women with those incidents scattered coast to coast; two in Los Angeles, two in New Orleans, two in Arizona, two in Las Vegas and one in Miami Beach….

Authorities in L.A. and Arizona have filed formal charges.

On FEB 20, Sharper pleaded not guilty to felony charges in Los Angeles. He was released on $1 million bail but taken back into custody on FEB 27 after authorities in NOLA issued a no-bail warrant for his arrest, accusing him of raping two other women in NOLA on Sept. 23rd.

Geez dude, take a chill pill, but by the looks of it, you better plan on doing that behind bars. If these accusations are true, Sharper may be the slimiest character ever to don an NFL uni.

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Incognito slams Martin on Twitter

Former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito slammed former teammate Jonathan Martin on Twitter yesterday.

And with Incognito suddenly displaying a more aggressive approach to answering the bell, we’re thinking there’e a possibility things may play out in his favor. These Tweets directed at Martin and his representatives come as the NFL prepares to release an investigation report a report on the so-called bullying case.

Incognito blasted the Tweets shown in this article here, one of them reading,  ”The truth is going to bury you and your entire ‘camp.’ You could have told the truth the entire time.”

The most troubling Tweet was his reference to Martin stating he was suicidal. That Tweet read:

”FACT: Jonathan Martin told me he thought about taking his own life in MAY 2013 b/c he wasn’t playing well. Told me he felt worthless,”

For those of you tuning into this mess months late, Martin previously said he was harassed by Incognito and other teammates and blamed their alleged racial, aggressive and sexual comments on his leaving the NFL.

Although Incognito is done with his three-month suspension, he ain’t going back to Miami but hey, a guy with his talents and a guy many like in the locker room but isn’t expected to return to Miami.

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Darren Sharper arrested suspicion of rape

NFL players and former players seem to find a way into the arrest headlines on Sports Climax. Former NFL D-back Darren Sharper, 38 years old, is the latest casualty after he was busted for suspicion of rape.

A spokesperson for LAPD said it is investigating Sharper in connection with two sexual assaults that occurred in West L.A. over the past four months.

Sharper booked Friday by the Los Angeles Police Department before being released on $200,000 bail while he awaits a Feb. 14 court appearance.

But Sharper’s potential oversexed-ness doesn’t end there.

NOLA cops also are investigating an allegation of sexual assault filed against Sharper for an incident that may have occurred during Sept. 2013.

Sharper made the NFL Pro Bowl roster five times and since has been an analyst for the NFL Network.

How did his bosses at The NFL Network react?

“Darren has been suspended without pay until further notice, effective immediately,” said Alex Riethmiller, a spokesman for NFL Network.

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Coyotes goalie scores goal with 00:01 left

The Phoenix Coyotes had a historical moment; no they didn’t get a new owner, pick up a few high end free agents and sign a new lease….but their goalie Mike Smith joined a choice few of his NHL when he scored a goal in a 5-2 win against the Detroit Red Wings.

After making 31 saves the native of Kingston, Ontario brought the remaining fans at Jobing Arena to their feet when he fired a shot about 190 feet down the ice into an empty net with 00:01 seconds left — that’s one-tenth of a second people. See people; never leave a sporting event early. You may miss history being made.

Here is a video of the shot heard around the world:

BTW, Smitty is just the 11th goaltender to score a goal. After gloving a shot by Red Wings forward Mikael Samuelsson, Smith shot the puck as the final seconds ticked down.

After the game, Smitty told the Arizona Republic:

“I do shoot the puck quite often in practice, but an awful lot of things have to go right for that to happen. I was able to score in the ECHL my first year as a pro and it was the same thing.”

Well can’t help to think he’s gonna get an itch to run up his goal total and try to do it again before the season is over.


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Comedy of errors puts Red Sox into World Series

So the Boston red Sox have defeated the Detroit Tigers four games to two to take the ALCS and move on to the World Series to take on…wait, actually it was the Tigers who defeated the Tigers.

After creating a circus clown highlight reel in Game 6 with gaffes that felt were written into the script to take place at the worst time, the Tigers were sent home with their tail between their legs. Gaffe after gaffe in a game that meant the world to a city struggling from deep within its economy.
And for now, the most embarrassing image that will haunt the Tigers and their fans is Prince Fielder, belly-flopping into the dirt, being tagged for a double play at third base. Fileder looked like anything but an athlete as his fat belly flopped short of the base and he lay in the dirt looking like, w,  that never should have happened. 

Or Austin Jackson being picked off of first base after finally making a habit of reaching it.


Or a hobbled Miguel Cabrera, unable to beat out a deep ground ball, stranding two runners to end the seventh.


Or the sure-handed Iglesias bobbling that ground ball and turning a potential inning-ending double play into an error and bases loaded for Victorino.

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