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Boxing heavyweight division in dire need of fix

(AP Photo/Daniel Maurer)

The only hope for this faltering division may be to hold the fight that according to many sources may never happen, a brawl between the Klitschko brothers, WBC champ Vitali 36-2; (35 -KO) and IBO-IBF-WBO champ Wladimir 52-3 (46 KO).

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NFL Lynch expects suspension as Stallworth awaits results of drug & alcohol test

(AP Photo/Don Heupel)

The NFL certainly is finding a way to dominate the sports headlines throughout their offseason with marquee players like Terrell Owens and Matt Cassel changing teams while mock draft boards are being shuffled like a deck of cards. Unfortunately, much to the displeasure of Commissioner Roger Goodell, all the news is not football related.

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Mascots brawl during NCAA game

(AP Photo/The Herald Journal, Eli Lucero)

“Big Blue” dashed over to his rival mascot “Pistol Pete”, tore his fake ‘stache from his face and the brawl erupted. A ticked off “Pete” chased “Blue” to center court and jumped on his back trying to pull him to the floor. When efforts to body slam “Blue” failed; “Pete” attempted to choke his rival.

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NFL Haynesworth indicted; ‘steps’ into trouble again

(AP Photo/Joe Howell, File)

NASHVILLE – This is not the first time Washington Redskins All-Pro defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has ‘stepped’ into trouble. Haynesworth who gained notoriety as a player for his infamous act of purposely stomping on Dallas Cowboy lineman Andre Gurode’s face with his cleats during a nationally televised game in 2006, was indicted on two misdemeanor traffic charges including reckless driving.

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Aaron Curry should go No. 1 in NFL Draft

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

DETROIT – Now that we’ve spent weeks of listening to ESPN’s Todd McShay shuffle his draft order like a deck of cards and tried not to stare at Mel Kiper Jr’s giant hair taking over our television screens, it’s our turn to make a prediction who will be the No. 1 overall pick by the Detroit Lions.

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NHL enforcer Boulton talks about fight rules


ATLANTA – Atlanta Thrashers forward Eric Boulton is also no stranger to fisticuffs. After recording 1,374 penalty minutes in 319 minor league games, Boulton journeyed his way to the NHL where he has established himself as one of the game’s respected enforcers. Recently, I sat down with the 7-year NHL veteran to get his feedback on the possibility of fight rule changes in the league.

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NHL Fights: Exclusive Interview With Scotty Bowman

NHL Fight

CHICAGO – Exclusive interview with Scotty Bowman. Every season there’s talk around the NHL about implementing stricter fight rules to clamp down on some of the game’s excessive violence. While many fans don’t mind seeing a little bit of blood stain the ice, the buzz about enforcing harsher fight rules has gained unprecedented momentum this year, and is fueled by two serious minor league incidents, one that resulted in death.

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Thrashers Trade ECHL Gladiators Enforcer Myles Stoesz

Miles Stoesz

ATLANTA, GA. – Last week, Myles Stoesz was going through his regular routine, laying back to refuel from an all-night bus trip from a game the night before when he got a call from Atlanta Thrashers V.P. Assistant GM Larry Simmons, a call that would change his life.

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Billups returns to Detroit to face Pistons

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

DETROIT – Mr. Big Shot who has been a permanent fixture at the Palace through several years of playoff runs that include an NBA Championship is sure to be greeted by raucous applause by the Pistons fans, many who are still shaking off the aftershocks caused by the trade that thus far has destructed the team.

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Over 208,000 ‘following’ Shaq on Twitter

(AP Photo/Paul Connors)

PHOENIX – Just in case you missed it, Shaquille O’Neal’s latest hobby besides dominating games and putting a few games in the win column for the Suns is Twitter. Now being ‘followed’ by over 208,000 other Twitters, Big Daddy was having a ball with it recently when he sent a message to his ‘followers’ on the site.

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