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NFL football Giants and Jets rivalry gets new life

NEW YORK – I spoke to several fans from both sides of the fence over this Thanksgiving weekend and clearly the passion for this rivalry has elevated. I discovered when you bring up the words ‘Giants’ and ‘Jets’, everyone is willing to drop their sandwich to jump into the discussion.

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McNabb is class act and Philly fans aren’t

It’s time for Philadelphia fans to stop living up to their reputation and stop emotionally stoning a player to death like they do McNabb. During the Eagles 48-20 win over Arizona, after completing his first six attempts, the seventh pass fell incomplete and the fans booed and let the QB have it.

Expect McNabb to handle questions about those boos with class to make up for the Philly fans lack of it.

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This NFL Ref Wears his I.Q. on his Jersey

NFL back judge #59 Phil Luckett is the incompetent zebra who made an ass out of himself on national television during the Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers Thanksgiving Day game in 1998.

Lined up for the overtime coin toss, Steelers captain and running back, Jerome Bettis was hooked up to an audio sound system and called “tails”. Everybody heard Bettis’ call over the audio . . . everyone except . . .

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Vick pleads guilty and may get earlier release

VIRGINIA – Under an agreement with Virginia prosecutors, Vick agreed to plead guilty to one of two charges against him. He was given a three-year suspended sentence from the judge and knows that the last piece of his quest for an early release from federal prison is now in place.

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All charges against Bonds should be dropped!

Judge Susan Illston dropped three of the charges against ex-San Francisco Giants slugger, Barry Bonds, lightening the load of perjury charges he will be facing in his upcoming March trial.
That’s a decent start but it’s time to drop the remaining 10 charges as well, unless the government charges everyone else who has outright lied in front of Congressional committees.

Bonds has been singled out, period!

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Duffy’s NFL week 12 summaries

What’s the biggest moment for you in this Week 12?

Granted there is one more game to play on Monday night but you’ve got to wonder if anything can match McNabb’s benching, TO’s monster day, the Jets beat-down of the Titans or Matt Cassel’s second straight 400+ yard game.

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Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week – The Fighting Irish & Wolverines

The Notre Dame non-Fighting Irish and Michigan share the Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week honors after both confirmed they are bottom-of-the-barrel, lower than whale-shit football programs this season.

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Matt Ryan puts Falcons back on NFL map

ATLANTA – Last year, Michael Vick was in shackles, the Falcon’s head coach Bobby Petrino snuck out of town with his tail between his legs and many of the Falcons’ star players abandoned ship or were traded away for pennies on the dollar.

So much has changed in such a short time.

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Cowboys PR overriding underachieving season

A lot is happening in the Cowboy’s camp this week. There is a buzz about Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones returning to the team, QB Tony Romo, who is throwing without a splint on his broken finger, spending the day at the movies with a homeless guy named, ‘Doc’, T.O missing practice with an illness, the list goes on and the media eats it up . . . maybe too much.

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Pacman back in NFL after ‘Brawl in the Stall’

It seems like Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, has created a part-time gig for himself called, “NFL spokesman” after Jones insisted to the media, his troubled player Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones is returning to the field in a few weeks.

The league responded to Jones’ comments with an email from the real NFL spokesman Greg Aiello that read, “When there is a final determination, we will announce it.”

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