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NFL Owners Swinging the Axe Early

ST. LOUIS – Some NFL owners are making a very strong statement this year . . . win now or pack your bags. The first victim of the axe, which was five years overdue, was Detroit Lions GM Matt Millen.

Yesterday, the St. Louis Rams followed suit and fired their third-year coach, Scott Linehan. The Rams are the only team that may be worse than the Lions this year and after starting 0-4, Linehan got the axe.

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NFL – Week Four Rundown

Arizona at NY Jets – It’s ‘do or die’ time for the Jets who go into this game 1-2. This week will give us a better indication on which Brett Favre the Jets received from Green Bay. Is he the brilliant, bomb-slinging leader from last year who won 13 games or the hit-the-defenders-in-the-numbers moron that faithful Cheese Heads learned to tolerate the two seasons before.

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Getting Down and Dirty with the SEC

For the second week in a row the SEC has the game of the week. Nick Saban’s 8th ranked Alabama Crimson Tide travel to Athens to play the 3rd ranked Georgia Bulldogs. Expect much of the same of what took place in the Auburn/LSU matchup last week. Heavy hitting on defense with a great balance of rushing and passing from both offenses. Football fans call this the best brand of ball in the country.

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The Beauty of NCAA Football

How about some serious love for those pesky Oregon State Beavers and their 5 ft. 6 in. freshman hoss-of- a-halfback Jacquizz Rodgers. Rodgers was a workhorse and ran the ball 37 times for 186 yards and two TD’s.

Props to the offensive line of the Beavers too . . . they looked awesome pushing around and out-manning Petey Carroll’s so-called “best defense he has ever had at USC”.

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MLB Races Tighter Than a Gnat’s Ass

After an evening filled with dramatic walk-off wins, MLB has playoff races that are tighter than a gnat’s ass as the teams make a final sprint to the finish.

In the most shocking race, the Tampa Bay Cinderellas and their $43 million payroll still hang onto a two game lead over the Boston Red Sox and their $133 million payroll.

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Media ‘Quotes’ on Fired Exec Matt Millen “The Edsel. The Pinto. The Millen. After almost eight seasons, Detroit has finally recalled this lemon.”

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Hollywood Gave NHL its Mojo back in 2008

LOS ANGELES – After years of hiding in the shadows of the rival NBA, the NHL made its way back into the ratings and into Hollywood’s spotlight last season. Just days after the Red Wings sent the Penguins packing, the Stanley Cup made a trip down the red carpet for ‘The Love Guru’ and appeared on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’.

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The Brain Cell Shortage in Pro Sports

After this past week, you have to be convinced that professional sports in America are operating with a shortage of brain cells after Dallas Maverick, Josh Howard, made his way back into the national media, going out in public without his common sense.

Detroit Lion GM,Matt Millen, must have been envious of the negative attention given to Howard over the past few days. He crawled out of his hole and came out from hiding to meet with the Detroit media to talk about his 0-2 Detroit Lions and made an ass out of himself.

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Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week – Lions Matt Millen

After being fired by the Detroit Lions at the end of last season, offensive whiz-kid Mike Martz, now with the San Francisco 49ers, repaid the favor, took the Lions to school and spanked GM Matt Millen and his lifeless Lions 31-13.

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NFL Week 3 – Zebras, Cheeseheads & Mike Martz

Detroit at San Fran – Expect Martz to unleash a smorgasbord of big plays and unmercifully run up the score against Lions defensive coordinator, Joe Barry’s group. This week, JT O’Sullivan may suddenly look like a seasoned NFL quarterback. The biggest challenge for Martz will be removing the shit-eating grin on his face every time his offense scores another TD.

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