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Jair Jurrjens Making Early Run For Rookie Of The Year

ATLANTA – After being part of an unpopular trade that sent hometown favorite, Edgar Renteria to the Tigers, Jair Jurrjens is now being referred to as the most impressive rookie pitcher the Braves have had in over a decade.

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Bobby Knight Again Making An Ass Out Of Himself

Bobby Knight tells it like it is, we've got to give him that, but shouldn't certain feelings and opinions be saved for a time when a camera is not rolling? Knight again goes off in this one.

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Fat Lady Warming Up Her Mic For The Braves

Previously published in Baseball Digest Daily on July 29, 2008.

ATLANTA – At All-Star break the Atlanta Braves were poised to make a run. Their schedule allowed them a realistic opportunity to create a tight, four-way race in the NL East.

Being in the hunt for a playoff spot would put the Braves in the position most analysts expected them to be in throughout this season. Being in the hunt could also convince Braves GM Frank Wren to stop accepting calls inquiring about a Mark Teixeira trade.

On July 16 with the Braves sitting 6.5 games behind first and the last-place Nationals coming to town, it wasn't time for the Fat Lady to sing just yet.

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Hal Mcrae Says The Seven Words You Don't Say On Television

Hal Mcrae makes our list of classic rants when he blows up in his office and says the seven words George Carlin suggests NOT to say on television. The entire group of media people ducked flying objects on the way out of his office as McCrae also gave us a lesson on how NOT to clear off your desk.

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Bobby Knight Makes Eminem Sound Like An Nun

Here's the one where Bobby Knight makes Eminem sound like a nun.

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Chris Berman Blows A Gasket on MNF

Chris Berman

ESPN sports analyst Chris Berman normally appears relaxed and at ease in front of the camera, but hide the women and children before playing this off-air clip. Berman blows a gasket and utilizes almost every four-letter word in the book in a rant against his camera crew during a MNF game.

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Tiger Stadium Demolished–Not the Memories

DETROIT – Witnessing the demolition of Detroit's historic ballpark, Tiger Stadium, is like attending the burial of a loved one. While we cannot stop death from consuming one's final breath and beat of a heart, we can never allow it to pilfer the memories.

At the corner of Michigan and Trumbull, demolition experts and heavy machinery continue to flatten Tiger Stadium, one beam and support at a time. Those bulldozers may rip the concrete and riveted steel girders out of that structure and bury it in a nearby landfill, but it will never purge the heart and soul out of that ballpark.

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Hey NHL, Hats off to Expansion Hockey!

Hat Trick

With the constant buzz about the NHL expanding their league to places like Las Vegas, Nevada, I was reminded about a humorous incident that occurred in Tampa Bay during their first ever NHL hockey game.

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Stern Spars With Whistle Blower Ref

NBA Criminal Referee

David Stern is getting more predictable by the interview. When he gets in front of the microphone, he is sounding like an old, warped vinyl-repeating the same few lines over and over again. When questioned about NBA officiating and conspiracy theories, Stern is quick to give yet another rundown of referee Tim Donaghy’s criminal record, […]

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Craig Coxe & Bob Probert Classic Hockey Fight

These two heavyweights have gone toe-to-toe several times throughout their careers but this one is the historical bout at Joe Louis Arena that is most remembered.

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