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Interview with hot babes of GLOW, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling


 With WWE, WrestleMania, RAW and Smackdown drawing huge wrestling crowds and fan bases, where did all this body-slamming and pile-driving start?      


One of the trendsetting shows on the female side of the sport was Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a hot female wrestling show in the 80’s. The show featured a variety of talented women and hot babes who climbed into the ring, body-slamming and bitch-slapping each other into submission until there was just one winner left in the ring.

We hooked up with three hot babes from the show, GLOW former champion Americana, Hollywood and Little Egypt for a Q & A session. We found out all of these women have moved on to enjoy successful careers that include everything from Playboy shoots, creating/selling original pieces of art, selling real estate, and creating fetish wrestling videos.

Get ready to be drop-kicked and body-slammed.

After seeing all your GLOW videos on YouTube, we expected to see some permanant wear and tear on those bodies. You guys look really hot, we may add a few photos of you guys in our Sexiest Female Athletes Gallery. MILFs and Cougars rule; it’s no surprise your popularity has increased over that time.

Hollywood: Thanks for the sweet compliment, flattery gets you everything! 

Americana: Wow, thanks! I do work out a lot and stay in shape.   

We visited your Facebook pages, how many fans do you have? How is it interacting with them? 

Little Egypt

Americana: I have over 3,000 Facebook fans that I chat with on a regular basis on my page listed under Americana Glow on Facebook. I love to IM chat with them about everything from how it is to live in the Galapagos Islands to encouraging a fan’s son to study hard in school. That report card was a good one BTW, there’s another really smart kid named Dimitrius out there. I love to encourage people.

Little Egypt: “The Official Page of Little Egypt” has over 3,200, my “GLOW Little Egypt” profile has over 4,800.  I have discussion groups posted on the “Official Page of Little Egypt” where fans can ask questions and are often times answered by other GLOW girls. I feel fortunate that all the fans have been very respectful and appreciative that they have the opportunity to connect with their favorite GLOW girls.

Hollywood: I’m close to 2,000 members, but there is another 1,000 requests pending in my Facebook account, then there is my public figure Facebook, GLOW Hollywood; there are 500 fans there. My MySpace account also has over 34,000 public views.

We noticed all three of you hooked up as fans of our Sports Climax Facebook page.

Americana: I love your page. Get a kick out of creating those funny captions under those funny sports photos when you guys put those up every week. Especially liked the wrestling pic of the guy with his entire face stuck in the other wrestler’s shorts. Starts off the week with a healthy laugh.

You market yourself on Twitter? 

Little Egypt: Not as aggressively as I need to ;( I do have a Twitter account and it’s under Glow Little Egypt.  I gotta’

Photo/Jon Abeyta

figure out how to connect the status posted on my “Official Page of Little Egypt” to my Twitter account. 

Hollywood: Yes, and no. That means I have an account and use it here and there.

Americana: It’s on my “to do” list.

You guys been following the FIFA World Cup? What do you think of the Vuvuzelas? 

Americana: Yes I’ve seen a lot of the matches. Vuvuzelas; love ‘em. Wish we would have had them during our GLOW matches.

Hollywood: A little yes, saw that USA was doing well for a while… That horn sounds like a cow being given a surprise enema.

Little Egypt: I am a huge World Cup fan.  In regards to the Vuvuzelas I just thought it was some kind of continuous background music playing throughout the game. Didn’t know it was a problem. Now the refereeing on the other hand, “What’s up with that!”

It’s called FIFA acting like MLB and refusing to do the right thing and add replay. Back to GLOW, how did a young girl like you in the 80’s make your way to ‘Sin City’ Las Vegas and hook up on a show like GLOW?

Hollywood: I was born and raised in Southern Cal. I was told about an audition in Hollywood at The Hyatt on Sunset. I