NCAA Puncher & Punchee

This week’s Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week is actually shared by two NCAA football players who deserve an equal share of the honor, sucker-puncher LeGarrette Blount and sucker-punchee Byron Hout. Here’s the video of that knockdown straight-right punch:

That punch occurred after Blount and his Oregon team suffered a 19-8 loss on national television to Hout and his Boise State Broncos, the post-game celebration began kicking into high gear. As a dejected Blount was passing by the Boise bench, Hout shouted in his face and pushed him on the shoulder as he headed off the field.

Blount, a running back for Oregon retaliated to the taunting by throwing a haymaker that connected right on the jaw of the unsuspecting Hout, dropping the huge defensive lineman to his knees; color-coordinating his face with the famous blue turf at Boise State.

While Blount was suspended for the entire season, Hout, the agitator and receiver of the blow somehow avoided any suspension.Blount-Hout Punch (AP-ESPN)

Blount was over-aggressive no doubt and should sit this season for assaulting Hout but this incident would not have occurred if Hout would have let the scoreboard do the talking instead of verbally jabbing a dejected opponent.

Hout should be joining Blount on the sidelines for at least a few weeks but it appears he side-stepped any disciplinary actions. If nothing else the sting to the face certainly must have reminded him to leave excessive immature heckling to youngsters in the neighborhood parks-it is demeaning and doesn’t belong on a college or pro playing field.

Hout’s juvenile behavior clearly triggered this altercation and the physical bitch-slapping he received has now been seen around the world–that will put a sting into any sized ego.

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