This hockey fight doesn’t end on the ice

Some hockey fights just can’t end on the ice. Some brawls make there way onto the benches or into the penalty boxes. This one shown on video below, made it all the way into the walkway that leads back to the locker rooms.

In a recent AHL game between the Chicago Wolves and Iowa Wild, Kurtis Gabriel, known more for dropping his gloves than scoring goals, got in a fight with Wolves defenseman Vince Dunn with a few minutes left in the game.

The players may have been separated on the ice, but they had a little more spunk left in ‘em on their way back to their locker rooms. Cameras happened to follow the pair off the ice to capture the action.

Both players can be seen trash-talking down the corridor. A shoving match ensues. Gabriel throws a punch, then Dunn retaliates with a one-punch knockdown square on the noggin.

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