Michael Vick should be paid for wine labels

There is no way to write an article about Michael Vick and please readers. Those who will never forgive him don’t want him to have a life outside of prison or in the world of professional sports.

His fans who never wanted to see him incarcerated don’t take kindly to the suggestion that he might never return to the NFL.

In light of this situation, I offer two separate pieces of news that came to my attention:

Vick’s bankruptcy lawyer is trying to convince a judge and a multitude of creditors that he can earn enough after he is out of jail to repay a portion of his debts to each of those that have been left holding the bag.

Thus a document filed by his lawyer makes it seem that it is inevitable his client will be reinstated by the NFL.

The second piece of news is that many of the dogs that were rescued from Vick’s home in Virginia are alive and still healing from their experiences. That is according to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, in Utah. Those dogs have become a symbol to animal rights groups who are using images of the animals to raise money. A wine company has created a brand of wine called “Vicktory” and the rescued pooches are the face, literally, of the wine collection.

I see how this collection would be an item of interest and earn money for the winemaker and the charities but it would assist Vick as well. I am waiting for his debtors to squawk to the bankruptcy judge and Vick’s lawyer that his client should be getting a cut of the wine sales.

Even though there is no picture of Mike Vick on the wine bottle, the clever use of his name in the brand name of the wine while attached to images of the dogs makes it plain that Vick is being used to sell the product.

If that’s true, despite his criminal record, he is entitled to lend his name for profit to companies that market goods and services. That means he should be paid.

And if he’s paid, his creditors will be able to recoup a small amount of what is owed to him.

I have not taken a position on all this and have tried not to be light hearted about it all. I’m just putting two news items together and wondering how it will all play out.

Life will continue to be difficult and complicated for Vick after he is released from prison. Maybe that is the way it’s supposed to be.

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