Arian Foster’s Tweets send tremors

It was the tweet heard ‘round the world.

Houston Texans RB Arian Foster managed to create a firestorm that reverberated throughout the social media and fantasy football worlds.  Thanks to a link to a picture of the MRI of his injured hamstring posted via his Twitter account, along with the following 120 characters:

“This is an MRI of my hamstring, The white stuff surrounding the muscle is known in the medical world as anti-awesomeness”

Let’s quickly recap: Foster, the consensus top-ranked player in most fantasy football draft boards, injured his hamstring in Saturday’s preseason game against the 49ers.  It was initially categorized as a “mild strain,” but panic soon set it among fantasy football players who held their drafts last weekend (including more than a few at a draft I was in).  In response Foster tweeted the following:

“[For] those sincerely concerned, I’m doing ok and plan [to be] back by opening day,” Foster wrote on Twitter. “For those worried [about] your fantasy team, [you people] are sick.”

Ah, nothing quite like endearing yourself to fans.

Foster followed that gem up with his MRI tweet on Wednesday, which caused panic in fantasy-ville.  But it also didn’t make his employer too happy – would you want one of your star players divulging confidential medical information on the internet for all the world to see?

And it continued on Thursday, with a report from “The Bristol Improv’s” Dr. Michael Kaplan stating that, in his medical opinion (thanks to the MRI picture); Foster could be out three to four weeks.  Noted NFL writer John McClain (no, not Bruce Willis’ character in “Die Hard”) of the Houston Chronicle later rebuffed this and reported that Foster should be ready to face the Cols on September 11.

My head is spinning.  Who to believe?  What have we learned?  Three things, that’s what.

First, professional athletes need to stop using Twitter to post their every thought, injury update, rants, etc.  As I’ve said before, it is not the bathroom wall or desk in a high school classroom.  What you tweet can and will be used against you.  Just ask fellow RB Rashard Mendenhall, Arian.

Second, I know some fantasy football players can be really annoying and obsessive.  But they watch lots of football and have made the NFL the most popular sport in America.  Don’t bite the hands that (indirectly) feed you.

Finally, you fantasy owners should check your fantasy league waiver wire to see if Foster’s backup, Ben Tate, is still available.  Luckily he was on one of my leagues, and I’m hoping he turns out to be this year’s version of…Arian Foster.

Just don’t expect me to gloat about this acquisition on Facebook.

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