LAPD make arrests in Dodgers beating case, again

After arresting the right guy in the Brian Stow Dodgers opening day assault about two months ago, the LAPD have again announced they have busted the right guys. Wait…what….whatever, it’s the LAPD we’re talking about.

Replacing Giovanni Ramirez as the primary suspects in that Opening Day beating are 30-year-old Marvin Norwood and 29-year-old Louie Sanchez. Their arrests come nearly two months after that highly-publicized arrest of Ramirez who was originally described by LAPD as the “primary aggressor” of the brutal attack.

While Ramirez has now been cleared and released as a suspect by the LAPD, the two newest arrestees in this case are being charged with three felonies and are still behind bars held on $500,000 bail each.

Sleeping in a cell this weekend, these guys are in a familiar territory and their impressive rap sheets just got a lot longer. According to a TMZ report, Norwood has been popped five times and Sanchez nine with charges that include drugs and carrying a loaded weapon in a public place. With resumes like these, if these guys are convicted, expect them to be thrown behind bars for quite a while.

In addition to making the two arrests, a third possible suspect, Dorene Sanchez, possibly the sister of Louie Sanchez, was also taken in by LAPD and arrested on suspicion of being an accessory. Charges against the female Sanchez remain pending.

While all this craziness has been going on during this investigation, Stow has remained in a coma from the assault and was moved from L.A. to a San Francisco area hospital in May to be closer to his family.

And Ramirez who has been described as a gang member and has a mugshot that looks strikingly similar to the police sketch that lead to his arrest, is again a free man.

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