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Four batters struck out in one inning?!

Well if you’re an MLB fan who loves pitching duals and low scoring games, the Tigers vs. Red Sox Game 1 of the ALSC left a wet spot in your panties yesterday.

The matchup ended with a 1-0 win for the Tigers but the night under the Beantown stars also featured a bizarre feat that hasn’t occurred since 1908.

Detroit Tigers starter Anibel Sanchez was a stud on the mound, hurling six innings on no-hit ball while fanning 12 Red Sox in front of a frantic sold out crowd gathered at The Green Monster.

The game started on a bizarre note when Sanchez struck out the side in the 1st inning but added some historic icing to the cake.

After fanning Boston’s leadoff hitter Jacoby Ellbury, Sanchez followed by striking out Shane Victorino who swung at a WILD PITCH that rolled to the fence. Victorino bolted safely to 1st base.

Yeah, there may have been a player on base but that play is scored a strikeout.

After striking out the next two batters to get three outs to end the inning, Sanchez finished with four Ks for the inning, marking the first time that’s been accomplished in a playoff game since 1908…when William Taft was President of the United States… since vehicles like the one shown here were our great-grandfather’s high end means of transportation.

Get it?

It’s been a long frickin’ time but that’s what makes baseball America’s game….well sort of…the NFL has taken that title over but that’s a topic for another column..

BTW, this game was the first time Boston has been shut out in a playoff game since 1918, almost one century ago…since Woodrow Wilson was Prez…okay, we’ll cut the “who was the Prez bullshit” since this is not a history site but with all the kids heads buried in their iPads and cellphones half the day, we try to educate here on rare occasion when we get a chance.

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Jon Sandusky joins dad Jerry with mugshot

Jon Sandusky, son of convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky, has a mugshot to go alongside his dad’s infamous photos.

Jon, a Cleveland Browns exec was arrested early Tuesday morning on suspicion of DUI while cruising near Fargo, North Dakota. 

Fargo police, yeah the same Fargo we saw in the Coen Brothers classic film “Fargo” in 1996, told the local press that one of their cops spotted the 36-year-old Sandusky making an illegal turn. Yep an illegal turn, and that’s down right breaking the dab gum law in places like Fargo, eh.

The officer pulled Sandusky’s vehicle to the curb and after Sandusky failed field sobriety tests he was booked for suspicion of DUI. After posing for the mugshot shown here, he was later released…we wonder if he called his mom yet to break this news to her.

We imagine this incident will resurface all the talk and reminder who his father is and how his dad victimized children with his ruthless stalking and sexual abuse. In fact, dad Jerry Sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison for sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years, and those are only the ones they had evidence on.

Back to Jon Sandusky.

He’s is in his 4th season as Cleveland’s director of player personnel, a gig that makes him responsible for the evaluation of NCAA prospects and NFL free agents. So what does a guy like this say to potential young recruits coming out of college after getting arrested like this? We’re thinking not much because he may end up in the unemployment line after this gaffe.

In the meantime, mom has a free photo of her son to frame and place in the family room if she so desires.

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Broncos historic NFL point spread

The Denver Broncos are record setters in Vegas!

Respectable kudos to Peyton Manning and co. but a kick in the nuts to the clowns known as the Jacksonville Jaguars, you know, Tebow’s next team, the one that gave away free beer to fans so they could slosh away their sorrow a few weeks ago.

So the Broncos are a 28-point favorite to stomp the Jags this weekend and that spread is the biggest in NFL history. We’re referring to official spreads not the moronic bets between wasted old guys in NFL jerseys falling off stools in drunken stupors at Hooters.

But don’t run out and load up on the Broncos just yet because history sides with underdogs and suggests to take the spread.

Here’s one for those who love taking the heavy favorite:


This occurred back in the day when Tampa’s head coach John McKay was asked if he believed in his team’s execution and he replied, “I’m all for it….” The Steelers actually covered this one with a ton of room to spare; winning 42-0 with all the points scored in the first half. They must’ve taken a knee the entire 2nd half.

Now for the sucker bets:

49ERS BY 24 OVER BENGALS in 1993

The Bengals went on the road to the bay and held the high-powered 49ers to 21 points to cover the spread in a 21-8 loss.


The Pats may have let being the heavy favorite get to them because not only did they not cover this spread, they came minutes from being upset at home. Pats won 31-28 with a late 4th quarter TD.

49ERS BY 23½ OVER FALCONS in 1987

San Francisco won, 25-17 so another high spread sent the bettors who took the points, home with some extra bone.


Dallas was on the way to a blowout win at home with a 17-0 1st quarter lead but petered out for a 23-7 win.

Moral of this story, don’t bet….unless its with an old fat dude, ogling over tits and falling off his bar stool.

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Patrick Roy goes postal; again

What has three assholes and speaks French? The Roy family.

That line comes from the column written in the past here on Sports Climax that granted Patrick Roy and his moronic sons our Bitch Slap of the Week.

So how long did it take for Roy to show his true colors again as being a belligerent crazy bitch who the Colorado Avalanche were dumb enough to hire?

The correct answer would be less than 24 hours.

Yep, Roy made headlines after his first NHL game behind the pine for the Avs and was lucky to walk away with a mere $10,000 fine for his tantrum.

The guy’s a clear-cut nut job, to the point they need to make a straitjacket with the Avs logo on it and put it on him before he’s allowed anywhere near the ice.

Roy’s history includes throwing punches at a co-owner of a team he was coaching, ripping doors off their hinges in a domestic family dispute and being accused of sicking his unruly son on an opposing young goalie who didn’t want to fight the younger Roy.

Along this trek of fucktardness, one of the younger Roy boys actually faced criminal charges for another on ice intent to injure incident. Get the picture? This guy is an idiot and who in their right minds would want him behind their bench.

Here’s what happened in Roy’s debut in the NHL.

After Avs rookie forward Nathan MacKinnon was run into by Anaheim Ducks D-man Ben Lovejoy at the end of a 6-1 Avs win, Roy thought the hit was knee-on-knee play and began going postal on some Anaheim players.  Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau chimed in and that’s when Roy went postal X 10, trying to break through the glass separating he and the opposing coach.

He slammed the glass partition between the benches, making it almost fall over twice, too bad he didn’t bang his fucking head on it long enough to knock some sense into him and remind him he’s not in the QMJL anymore.

Roy was booted away from the ice and no penalty was called on Lovejoy. Although Boudreau called it a minor incident, others who have followed the path psycho Roy has taken over the years knows it’s only a reminder how he will snap again and has the potential of doing some serious damage to someone, somewhere in the league whether it be a player, coach or exec.

Boudreau did call Roy’s childish, embarrassing tactics “bush league” and said the Frenchie needs to grow up.

“He was like that in the Quebec league, too,” Boudreau said. Yeah he was and so were his asshole kids.

Like father like son.

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NHL season is here, start Googling!

NHL season is upon us!

So grab your laptops and start Googling your favorite teams because with all the player movement this offseason, you’re gonna either need to do that or buy a program first time you go to the arena and see who is donning your team’s logo. Lots of players cashing in their jerseys for new logos.

Sports Climax will be covering the 2013-14 NHL season, hitting on the top stories each week.

Like one-punch KOs like this beautiful one delivered by Evander Kane on Matt Cooke, brow raising moments like this Canucks fan flashing her tits at Ben Eager and of course some actual hockey action.

Last year the Blackhawks took home hockey’s Holy Grail but as always it’s tough to be a repeat champion in this league so expect another great ride through the season and playoffs.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on Jess, our Sports Climax Girl who has a hard time making up her mind what her favorite jersey is…but with eyes like hers, who’s looking at the jersey.


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Lakers Jeanie Buss and D’Antoni “good”

Jeanie Buss and D’Antoni look like “they good”. 

Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni said he and Lakers EVP Jeanie Buss are good since the two met up after comments Buss made in her book went public, causing a shit storm in the media.

In the book, Buss slammed her bro Jim, saying she felt played, criticizing him for not rehiring her boyfriend Phil Jackson to take over behind the pine when Mike Brown was axed after just a few games last year.

D’Antoni was named the Lakers’ coach on Nov. 12, 2012, five games into last season after Jackson was all but hired in almost every fans’ and media’s eyes.

But Jim threw the media and fans a curveball and D’Antoni took the helm. D’Antoni’s Lakers struggled throughout the year putting additional pressure on the coach who finished with a 40-32 record, certainly not acceptable to Jack Nicholson and those donning purple and gold in Southern Cali.

BTW, after making the decision, Jim handed the chore of notifying Jackson of the news to Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak who did the honors, delivering the news to Phil in a late-night phone call.

Hey, could have been worse… at least it wasn’t in a text, right!

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Lane Kiffin bitch slapped by karma

Lane Kiffin, meet karma, karma this is Lane…this is where karma hauls off and bitch slaps the former Vols head coach.

After Arizona State spanked and handed Lane’s Trojans their asses in a 62-41 spank down, Kiffin got axed by USC athletic director Pat Haden. And the decision was made midway through the 3rd quarter of the game so AD Pat Haden couldn’t bear the thought of Lane being on the sideline from that point on.

Kiffin is the dude who packed up and left his Tennessee Vols team after a 14-month stint that left fans hanging out to dry after talking a game about being committed to turning that team around.

Vols fans woke up that following morning to learn their coach fled for the Best Coast and were livid, grabbing their pitchforks ready to go on a witch hunt.

Problem was, Kiffin was long gone headed to the Cali sun to settle into his new cush gig at USC. Well that “cush gig” ended with a pink slip, a shitty 28-15 record and needing to replace his dad as D coordinator along the way.

Well UT fans, thanks to karma, Lane got the bitch slapping you think he deserved so you can go back to your business with solid closure and celebrate with a toga kegger.

Yeah karma is a bitch but it can also be a bitch slap….or in this case a Bitch Slap of the Week.

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Karma meet Lane, now bite him in the ass.

Lane, meet karma, karma this is Lane, now karma, bite him in the ass.

After Arizona State took the Trojans (3-2, 0-2 Pac-12)  to school and handed their asses to them in a 62-41 spank down, Kiffin got axed by  USC athletic director Pat Haden.

Just for a little icing on the cake, Haden did the pink slipping at the Trojans’ airport terminal in Los Angeles when the team plane returned from Arizona early Sunday morning.

Kiffin was said to have handled the news professionally but was sad and “completely caught off guard”, ya know like the Tennessee Vols players and students were when Lane bolted UT in the middle of the night for USC but we’ll get to that in a sec.

USC players were notified of the “breakup” via text message shortly before USC announced the move at 4:25 a.m. local time.

According to media sources, Kiffin tried pleading for 45 minutes to change Haden’s mind but nada, he was sent packing we’re sure to the enjoyment of Tennessee Vols fans everywhere.

Kiffin is the guy who packed up and left his Vols team and fans hanging out to dry after talking a game about being committed to turning that team around. Vols fans woke up that following morning to learn their coach fled for the Best Coast and livid, grabbed their pitchforks to go on a witch hunt. Problem was, Kiffin was already sitting in the Cali sun planning to settle into his new cushy gig at USC.

Kiffin’s overall record in four years at USC was 28-15 impressive enough to get fired mid-season.

“We’ve played 125 years of some pretty dog-gone good football here at USC…. and we need to be great again,” said Haden.

Well, yeah, so dag nab it, fire that dab gum sap sucker who has his team struggling. If nothing else, it created a reason for UT students to throw another toga kegger.

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Madden Football curse for real

EA Sports has sold over 85,000,000 copies of their popular Madden Football game so you would think most athletes would be honored to accept gracing the cover; unless you’re a Pro Bowl player that believes in curses.

Here’s a detailed look at the effect being the “chosen one” has brought to players throughout the years. In the years prior to 1999, the video game’s namesake John Madden was featured on the cover.

1999: 49ers RB Garrison Hearst: After being featured on the cover Hearst broke his ankle on the first play from scrimmage in 1999 and missed two full seasons; his career smoldered out. Now if that ain’t a curse!

2000: Lions RB back Barry Sanders: On the cover of Madden Football? Screw that, I’m retiring! Sanders unpacked his locker and walked away from the NFL and the NFL rushing career record before training camp; The move imploded the competitive Lions and dropped them into a record-setting tailspin.

2001: Titans RB Eddie George: Yeah George rushed for 939 yards rushing with five touchdowns but he also turned the ball over on a weird play when it mattered most in the Divisional playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens. He juggled an easy catch that was picked off by Ray Lewis for a TD to seal the Titans’ fate.

2002: Vikings QB Daunte Culpepper: After a career year, Culpepper threw 23 interceptions and set the NFL record for most fumbles in a season. Definite curse . . . not to mention him being donning a Lions uni after the team was 0-16 rubbed salt into the curse wound.

2003: Rams RB Marshall Faulk: Faulk, a common 1,000 yard per year rusher, never hit the mark after making the cover of Madden 2003. Knee injuries limited him to 21 of the next 32 games.

2004: Falcons QB Michael Vick: The highest paid player in the NFL with a $100 million contract, Vick broke his leg in a preseason game and after missing time, the bird flip incident, dogfighting, mugshots and jail time followed.

2005: Ravens Ray Lewis: Lewis injured his wrist in Week 15 and didn’t intercept a pass for the first time in his career.

2006: Eagles QB Donovan McNabb: McNabb suffered a hernia in Week 1 of the season and later ripped his ACL in Week 11. Bad Karma! And cursed.

2007: Seahawks RB Shaun Alexander: The NFL MVP the year earlier, Alexander injured his foot during camp and missed six games.

2008: Titans QB Vince Young: Young missed a game and although he didn’t sway from his usual stats, his brain cells may have mysteriously disappeared. Several incidents over time led to him being shipped out of Tennessee.

2009: Packers QB Brett Favre: Favre was granted “cover boy” then came out of retirement to play on the Jets. That stint was cursed by a poor performance and a hot chick on the sidelines that lead to sexting that led to . . . . you know the rest of the story.

2010: Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald and Steelers safety Troy Polamalu: While Fitzgerald finished the season with 97 receptions, 3rd most in his career, and a career-high 13 TDs, Polamalu sprained his knee in the season opener and battled injuries the rest of the way. The curse picked Troy out of the two proving the curse Gods prefer to not be overwhelmed.

2011: Saints QB Drew Brees: Brees threw twice as many interceptions as the season before and his quarterback rating dropped nearly 20 points; his team were ousted in the first round of the playoffs.

2012: Browns RB Peyton Hillis: Being drafted by the Browns is a curse in itself but after a breakout season in 2011, Hillis made the cover of Madden 2012 and his career hit a wall. He battled a hamstring injury and started looking like a one-hit wonder. In an interview with ESPN, Hillis said,

“There’s a few things that happened this year that made me believe in curses. Ain’t no doubt about it.”

We’re with you on that one Peyton.

Used with permission of the author.

Jay Donetelli is a Tampa-based freelance sportswriter and contributor to Sports Climax. With an opinion sharper than an Ovechkin skate blade with the sting of an Ali jab, Donetelli has a loyal cult of readers who have found a way to love him.

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Bama fan busted for “tea-bagging”

Alabama fan Brian Downing was arrested by New Orleans police after the video of him tea-bagging a passed out LSU fan after the BCS Championship game in New Orleans went viral on the internet.

Assistant District Attorney Chris Bowman originally had said the video was sent to police for investigation but no investigation or arrest could be made until the victim came forward and filed a complaint. It appears that has happened and the 32-year-old Downing turned himself in for questioning late Thursday night.

Downing is charged with sexual battery and obscenity and if convicted on the sex charge could face 25-99 years in prison and have to register as a sex offender and wear an ankle monitoring bracelet for the rest of his life. Now that’s the maximum but obviously he won’t get that….unless the judge who presides the case is wearing purple and gold to his bench and is heard chanting something about a Honey Badger in the hallways.

Downing lives in Phenix City, Alabama and had to make the six-and-a-half hour drive back to New Orleans.

This man is 32 years old, people, not a teen who could use the “I was drinking for the first time and don’t remember a goddamn thing” excuse.

The video of the January 9TH incident went viral on You Tube and showed a group of Bama fans surrounding a sleeping LSU fan while he rested his head on a counter at a food establishment. After several people taunted the unconscious fan, placing garbage on his back and head, Downing took the stunt a lot further, whipping out his penis and simulated a few sex acts, including climbing on top of the victim and “tea-bagging” him.

Urban Dictionary’s definition of Tea-Bagging: “The act of lowering one’s balls into someone’s face.”

In public too folks….that’s Alabamy for ya’.

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