Vikings Jim Marshall scores in wrong endzone (VIDEO)

Vikings defensive tackle Jim Marshall owned the line of scrimmage throughout his career, recording 127 sacks and an NFL record 29 fumble recoveries. One of those fumbles would put him on NFL video blooper reels forever:

That game occurred on October 25, 1964 against NFC rival San Francisco. As shown in the video above, Marshall, a member of the famous “Purple People Eaters” line, scooped up  the fumble and ran it 66 yards into the end zone.

As he galloped down the sideline, his teammates were jumping up and down waving their arms in what he thought was celebration.

After making his way into the end zone, the out-of-breath, exhausted player heaved the ball out of bounds in celebration then soon realized he would forever make it onto every NFL blooper reel in existence.

Marshall had just run in the wrong direction and instead of scoring a TD and putting 6 points on the board for the Vikings, he had just handed the 49ers a two-point safety. The Vikings did go on to win that game with Marshall coming up with a few huge defensive plays contributing to the win.

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