Why Parcells is a perfect fit for Detroit Lions

DETROIT – After masterminding the incredible one-year turnaround, converting the Miami Dolphins from a 1-15 laughing stock parcellsof the NFL to the AFC East division champs, Bill Parcells is said to be leaving the Miami Dolphins if the sale of the team goes through next month.An NFL guru, Parcells has a clause in his contract allowing him to walk if Wayne Huizenga ever sells the team. With a sale looking likely and expected to be finalized soon, teams are already lining up to pursue Parcells.

One of those teams is the Detroit Lions who fired Rod Marinelli and a majority of the coaching staff this morning. Lions’ owner William Clay Ford also handed CEO Matt Millen his walking papers after the third game this season, creating an opening for someone like Parcells.

Parcells is a perfect fit for William Clay Ford and the Lions. Ford has developed a reputation of being the worst owner in professional sports but that image has much to do with his remaining too loyal to his management staff and keeping bad execs like Millen around for way too long.

Ford is sure to stand back and allow Parcells to go through the rebuilding process without pressuring him with any timetable.

Ford also has a reputation of opening up his pocketbook and paying high dollar to coax free agent players to don the Lions’ blue. Millen spent several years wasting draft picks and dumping tens of millions into contracts for free agents who were not talented enough to create a winner.

Parcells on the other hand is a genius when drafting talent and would spend Fords money wisely, creating a winner. The 0-16 Lions are stocked with several high draft picks this year including the No. 1 overall pick, the Cowboys’ first-round choice that was obtained in the Roy Williams trade earlier this year and the first choice in the second round (33rd overall).

That laundry list of high draft picks is a great starting base for a guy like Parcells who could build a winner around young talent like Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith.

After a solid draft, other key free agents may jump on the opportunity to play on a Parcells Lions’ team.

Adding Parcells would light a fire under the Lions’ ass and also create a positive image for the team, something the organization has been lacking for almost a decade.

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