NFL Haynesworth indicted; ‘steps’ into trouble again

NASHVILLE – This week we are witnessing another self-implosion of an NFL player and this is not the first time (AP Photo/Joe Howell, File)Washington Redskins All-Pro defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has ‘stepped’ into trouble.

Haynesworth who gained notoriety as a player for his infamous act of purposely stomping on Dallas Cowboy lineman Andre Gurode’s face with his cleats during a nationally televised game in 2006, was indicted on two misdemeanor traffic charges including reckless driving after being charged in an accident that seriously injured another driver in a December 13 accident.

While Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, Matt Jones and Plaxico Burress are flirting with potential long suspensions by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, depending on how this latest fiasco turns out, Haynesworth may find himself in line to speak to the league as well.

According to sources, in this latest incident Haynesworth tried to pass the driver who then crashed into a concreted median causing serious injuries to the driver.

This is not an isolated incident since just last year, Haynesworth received another driving infraction when he was ticketed for driving 103 mph in a 70 mph area. He then served 30 day probation for that incident.

Haynesworth is scheduled to play in Washington this upcoming season after signing a seven-year, $100 million contract as a free agent.

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