Bengals Johnson changing name to Johnson

Just as some of us are finally realizing how to spell “Ochocinco” without Googling it, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson is changing his name back to Chad Johnson.

Ochocinco, the man formally known as Chad Johnson then later “Robin” revealed his plans to change his name back to Chad Johnson . . . you following that?

While participating in an interview with Trey Wingo on the ESPN show “NFL Live” on Tuesday, Ocho. . . I mean Johnson, said the Ochocinco name had been “fun” but wanted to let fans know he was making the move.

The star receiver first changed his legal surname from Johnson to Ochocinco during the offseason prior to the 2008 NFL season. And for those who never lived in Miami, “Ocho” means “8” and “Cinco” means “5” creating 85, Johnson’s jersey number on the Bengals.

“I don’t have a choice right now,” the player told Wingo.

Johnson knows how to stay in the spotlight on and off the field. Whether it’s getting fined 25K for Tweeting during a game or creating NFL’s cheesy version of Batman & Robin.

BTW, this name change actually comes later than some fans expected.

In a game against the New York Jets last season, Johnson said he would change his name back to Johnson if the Jets All-Pro cornerback Darelle Revis were able to shut him down. Johnson ended up with 0 yards receiving on 0 catches that game then a week later in the playoffs was held to two catches for 28 yards.

If that isn’t getting shut down, we don’t know what is.

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